DIY Yoga

I love yoga. I know many of my lifting sisters much prefer throwing heavy weights around to sitting still and focusing on breathing, but I would do yoga everyday if I had the option.

I supposed I could do it by myself everyday, but I only know so many different sequences and have a hard time letting go and relaxing if I have to think too hard about what I’m doing next. I prefer to have a teacher lead me through it.

Unfortunately, yoga is FREAKING EXPENSIVE so it’s just not in my budget to attend classes.

When I’m a successful actress, I will be doing CrossFit and yoga everyday!

Until then, I’ll keep doing yoga at home and lifting heavy at stupid 24Hour.

Yoga is nice because it’s a total body workout and a stress-reducer at the same time. Which is why I consider it an integral part of my Doomsday December workouts. You need to keep calm when the zombies are after your brains. Or you, you know, just trying to get through the holiday season in one piece.

This is a really nice little sequence to get you acclimated to leading yourself through a yoga practice. Do yourself a favor and practice your headstands against a wall. And if anything hurts too much, freaking STOP.

If anything is confusing, or you love it (or hate it) shoot me an email or tweet at me! I’m here for YOU babe.


Beginniner's Yoga Sequence


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