Planning for Success

The days have really been getting away from me…

Celebrated Christmas with the boy last night. We enjoyed some Pitfire Pizza (gluten-free pumpkin and sausage for me!) and mead with The Grinch after we opened our presents. I got a fuzzy warm robe, a bike basket (YES!!!), a kombucha making kit (homemade, naturally) and a super cute card 🙂

Been quite busy at both jobs (getting ANOTHER book ready at one; marketing like CRAZY at the other) in addition to taking on a new client and some auditions here and there.

Between the stress of work and stress of the holidays, either some extra holiday weight has crept on, or I’m retaining water something FIERCE (aunt flow is due any day now…TMI?) because I’ve been feeling HUGE.

Luckily, this has inspired me to clean up my act and get back to NROLFW.

I know, I know. I talked a lot of smack about being bored or whatever, but truthfully, I need to make myself be more disciplined if I want actual results. The tricky part will my keeping my eating habits under control while being in NH….


Not sure how strictly I’ll be able to follow NROLFW while I’m home either. I definitely want to do some Crossfit since it’s WAY cheaper back home, but I also found a gym that has a free week pass, so I’ll probably do both.


Then again, the world ends Friday so WHATEVS.


Did workout B of stage 2 yesterday and my muscles are freaking FEELING it. Deadlifts from the box really attacked my glutes. LOVE it.

To help keep me on track I’ve signed up for the 2013 Force Factor 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge.


It’s totally free to enter, so if you want a chance to win fun stuff but want someone to hold you accountable, I’ll be here!

I’m also enlisting the guidance of my pals over at Whole9. They’ve got a whole holiday prep guide laid out for you so you don’t have to stress over food choices.


I freaking LOVE those Hartwigs!

Retaking some headshots when I get back, so definitely gotta be mindful of that, in addition to just wanting to look super hot for my boyfriend.

Yup, I said it. Hollywood can kiss my big, muscular, round butt; but I want my boyfriend to have a hot girlfriend.

The plan: lift heavy, eat clean, sleep more, stress less.

I think this will be easier said than done…


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