One Day At A Time

So far, 2013 has been an insane year.


I got sick for the first time in almost 2 years. And I’m talking call-out-of-work, don’t-leave-bed, buy-stock-in-Kleenex, consume-nothing-but-liquid sick. In fact, I’m still having sinus issues. Luckily the hacking cough appears to be done…

But it’s okay cause then I got a puppy! She’s a 5 month old boxer from a rescue the boy’s sister volunteers at. She’s VERY MUCH a puppy and requires a bit of work (re: I feel like a mother with a newborn)… but I’m madly in love with her. If nothing else, it’s teaching me that I’m going to be a great mom; I can still get the boy and I ready for the day, plus take the dog out and get her breakfast ready. Supermom status, clearly.


My workouts got put on hold for a bit due to the sickness and some busyness. Biked about 15 extra miles last week (it’s usually 24-30 or so) between staff meeting, auditions, headshots, etc. so I’ve being doing PLENTY of cardio. I’m a little more than halfway through phase 2 of NROLFW, but I’ve been really bad at tracking my progress this time around. To be honest though, I don’t know how much progress I’m truly making due to how many breaks I’ve been forced to take. That being said, when I do it, I go balls to the wall and my muscles HATE me the next day.


I’m back at it with my clients as well. Got a cool little GoGym resistance band travel set for Christmas they they seem to be forming a love-hate relationship with. Lots of squats, presses, rows, triceps, etc. Everyone is making really good progress though, so that makes me happy.

I don’t feel any closer to certification than I did before Christmas, but I’m not going to complain about all the auditions I’ve been going on, or my pretty new puppy. It is what it is; life one day at a time.


Rehearsals have started for the play, so between that and trying to take a many casting workshops as possible, I’ve been missing out seeing the boy in the evenings but I’m trying to make it work.

Other news? I’m now heading up all Marketing and Events at the store, including designing our beginner 5k program. I’m signed up to run a color run 5k and a HALF MARATHON, both within the next month. AAAAAND I got to film a Whole9 seminar with the Hartwigs. I’ll fill you in on everything soon enough 🙂


4 thoughts on “One Day At A Time

  1. Sounds like a LOT going on!!!! Congrats on the baby!!! 🙂

    Glad to see you back on the blog.. keep up the awesome work, but make sure you’re taking proper recovery days, too! 🙂

    • sambangs says:

      thanks 🙂

      funny that you mention recovery… I was just planning out a post talking about how I’ve actually been seeing results during this rest period more than I did when I was going hard like crazy. I’ve always said recovery is important, but I don’t think I ever followed my advice as much as I should

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