I Run(?)

Posting less means I have way more I want to talk about, but I also want to be specific and concise.

This week it looks like I’ll be focusing on running and nutrition.

Don’t worry, I’m still lifting. I have TWO WORKOUTS LEFT of stage two (thank goodness) before I can finally move on to the first fun looking stage of NROLFW; not that squats and deadlifts aren’t fun, but as I’ve mentioned, I have exercise ADD.

I’ve been fairly on top of my food choices lately; the boy and I are prepping for our cruise at the end of February. Basically, paleo with some quinoa and gluten free toast. LOTS of salmon and greens, some Trader Joe’s chicken meatballs, and a yummy twist on shrimp diavolo that the boy made last night.

What I HAVEN’T been on top of nutrition-wise is everything else. I know I’ve mentioned my deficiencies before, and you’re all too aware of my bipolar monster, both of which get haywire if I don’t eat the right things. I’ve been so focused on getting the puppy acclimated to my leaving in the morning that I haven’t really been putting my meals together in a super smart way. Namely, I throw 4 oz. of salmon on greens and call it a day. Normally, lunch is the meal I have extra salt and fat to keep the aforementioned ailments at bay. I haven’t been doing that. In fact, even counting my calories during the week, I still under-eat (not on purpose) and end up needing a snack when I get home at rehearsal at 10:30pm, causing me to wake up with a headache.

For the most part, I can ignore the symptoms of this with strong coffee and a vitamin, even when I lift at the gym. I can’t ignore it, however, when I run.

I say all the time I’m not a runner. Yes, I work in a running store. Yes, I’ve run a few races. Yes, I’m coaching a running program next month. But I’m more of a wannabe. I wannabe one of those slim, sexy girls with their legs gliding like gazelles down the street.

Instead, I’m little ol’ me, happily and slowly plodding along. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with this. The issue comes when I don’t fuel my body correctly. When my salts get low, a lot of things happen. Depression, mainly, which makes it very difficult to get yourself to run in the first places. It also creates a week long battle where you know you actually like the way your body looks, but still need validation of it somehow, so you quietly stew until you get it. This may also cause you to drink a glass of wine and three whiskeys the night before you’re supposed to go on a long run, and only about half a glass of water in the morning. Bad choice, in case you were wondering.

And then there’s the cramps. Not the female variety, but the leg-spasming, grab my quad and limp off the trail kind. Granted, I haven’t run more than a couple miles in about a month or so, so yesterday’s 5 miles may have been a bit ambitious, but I did okay right up until mile 3 or 4. And then what happened I can only describe as my legs having a panic attack. My quads seized up and all but dared me to lay down in the middle of the Chandler Bike Path. Tempting as it was to give in, I kept going. I mean, I’m signed up to run a 5k and a half and this was the first training run for those. Was I really going to throw in the towel that early? No way! Instead, I tried to find my zone (which, yes, involved the Ludacris Pandora station) and slowly made it home. Once I got back, I downed some PowerBar electrolyte gel. Yes, I’m aware you’re supposed to use them DURING race, but it was the quickest hit of salts and electrolytes I could give my body without having to drink salt water (which does not sound yummy after a long, hot run). It worked. I was feeling more like myself within an hour or so, and while I’m DEFINITELY sore this morning, it’s not debilitating enough to keep me from going to the gym before rehearsal to lift some heavy things.

The moral of the story is, make sure you’re fueling yourself correctly, and keep plodding along. And now some Motivation for your Monday morning.

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