So the play finally opened this past weekend to packed houses and (so far) positive reviews.

We still run for at least 5 more weeks, so come check it out if you’re in the area.


The training group I’m coaching is going extremely well. Even though I’ve lost a handful of participants due to injury (NOT my fault), those that are still here are making INCREDIBLE strides (no pun intended). I’m so proud!

Finally got my butt back into the gym this morning after a short hiatus… between running more and two-a-day rehearsals, time for lifting has been sparse. So I kicked my butt with:

5 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise (I used my handy-dandy GymBoss time to keep track)

  • Box Jumps
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • Plyo Push Ups (diamond to wide)
  • Plyo Squats
  • Decline push ups
  • V Sit Ups
  • Power Clean to Press

PLUS the p90x ab ripper circuit

Average HR was 140 with max at 170. I wanted to die. But at least I burned 400 calories!

Before my workout I had some orange EcoDrink that I picked up with the boy from Sam’s Club yesterday. I hate taking vitamins and I need to drink more water, so this is kind of a win-win. Plus, I feel like it gives me a pretty good energy boost. It’s a little sweet for my taste (the boy says it tastes just like Kool-Aid), but as long as I add extra water and some ice, I can chug it down alright. Beats a pill!

The rest of my breakfast was a tasty little parfait I made with some plain greek yogurt, chopped raw almonds and fresh raspberries. Post workout I had a vanilla whey protein shake made with almond milk.

Lunches have been the same for the past week… salmon with veggies. This week I at least had some forethought to steam broccoli and roast brussels sprouts, so I’m not stuck with the same mixed greens everyday. Brought some hardboiled eggs and avocado for a snack.

My eating lately hasn’t been the best, especially with the stress of the show, and worrying about being naked… but the Force Factor challenge only has one month left so I’m trying to buckle down. I’ve written out workouts and my menu in my nifty journal, so I’ve really got no excuses.

My training is including plyo/agility stuff in addition to running and heavy lifting. I like a balance.

On the agenda…

  • Tuesday: run with my training group
  • Wednesday: full body circuit with emphasis on chest, plus ab ripper and HIIT
  • Thursday: workout with my clients (easy BW resistance stuff)
  • Friday: full body circuit with heavy lifting; specifically squat and deadlifts, plus ab ripper and HIIT
  • Saturday: run with my training group
  • Sunday: long run

The menu is pretty boring… lots of protein and veggies with quinoa or yams thrown in at dinner. More yogurt for breakfast. Gonna keep drinking the EcoDrink and see if I feel any different… I keep meaning to try a pre-workout supp but I’m just so skeptical of all of them!

Hope everyone else’s workouts are going well!




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