Getting There


So I haven’t been talking about it much, but back in December I mentioned I was signing up for the 2013 Force Factor 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge.

I never posted my “before” pictures; mostly because I was sick and cranky when I took them, and partly because I was completely disgusted with how my body looked (thanks Christmas-time).

Seeing as how I’ve been performing naked the past couple weeks, I needed some reassurance that I look okay. So, I took some progress photos this morning as a comparison.

I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.progressNo filters or edits on any of the photos. The January ones were taken with my computer; the March ones on my phone.

Definitely noticing improvements in my back and shoulders. Tummy is a lot flatter, and fat in general has decreased (love handles and back fat rolls – ZAP). Overall though, I still feel pretty soft. Would love some more tone in the tush and hips, so more lunges for me! I haven’t weighed myself recently, so I can’t tell you if/how that’s changed, but my clothes feel good, and my skinny jeans are LARGE so… deduce your own theory.

I’ve still got about a month left until the challenge is over, so I’m really going balls to the wall. Eating right and busting my butt in the gym. Menu is about the same as last week, and I plan to repeat the plyo/lifting routine I’ve got going. My running is slowing a bit thanks to my stupid knee injury from the half still nagging at me, but I’m out there all the same.

The play is going really well, and while it’s been getting mixed reviews, this guy seemed to like me.

Work is busy as always, and with my boss getting married this weekend, my schedule will not be letting up anytime soon. Trying to get back into the blogging world though, so keep your eyes (and twitter, and facebook feed…) peeled for more updates!

keep it real.




7 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. Sam! I am so proud of you. You look smoking hot, and I am so jealous you get to be in trainspotting – that was always one of my all time favorite movies (I never saw or read the play.). You are such a bad ass!

    • sambangs says:

      thanks gorgeous!!! it hasn’t been easy… especially after going on the cruise haha

      I’d never read the play before either, but always loved the movie. You should totally make an LA trip 😉

  2. Get it girl! You look FANTASTIC! You are definitely making progress and don’t feel bad about toning up your rear, I am right there with you. It is my problem area. I have found that running, squats and lunges have helped. Good things come to those who work hard, eat clean and have a positive attitude.
    I am stoked that your show is going well. I would never have had the self-confidence to get naked on stage, so I am super impressed! Great job!

    • sambangs says:

      thank you so much!

      eating clean has definitely been the issue… naturally as soon as I planned my menu last week, mother nature came to visit and there was a LOT of chocolate suddenly on my plate…

      the naked thing was definitely an adjustment to get used to, but luckily when I’m acting, I can pretend to be someone else, and I manage to forget people are looking at me 😉

  3. You’re looking great, girl!!! So proud of you so far and everything that you have done and all of your accomplishment so far! You have taken on so much and even though you’ve been somewhat hiding in the woodwork, I am so happy to see you have been doing well!! 🙂

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