Sweat Like A Man

I am a sweaty person. A really sweaty person. Oddly enough though, I don’t sweat the most when I’m working out. You know, when it’s acceptable for a person to be soaked to the bone in their own perspiration.

Instead, it’s at auditions and performances, when my anxiety gets amped up. Which is, of course, EXACTLY when I DON’T want to be sweating.

Thanks mother nature.

For a while, I used prescription deodorant, but it got complicated. You were supposed to put it on at night and shower it off in the morning. Except I showered at night, and thus, consequently shaved at night… which ended in painful underarms.

I’ve tried many of the “clinical strength” deodorants out there, even MEN’S ones, but nothing has come close to the new Secret Clinical Strength – Stress Response.



I have a feeling my crazy person hormones have a lot to do with this, but it’s like this deodorant really GETS me. It smells great, but most importantly, it keeps me DRY, which is really important when you’re supposed to be an attractive female in Los Angeles.

This is certainly going to be a staple in my gym bag, and regular bag for that matter, from now on.

*Disclaimer* I received the deodorant for free through Influenster VoxBox. The views are my own.


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