Such A Tease

One of the best parts of Trainspotting is getting to relive my Rock of Ages 1980’s hair experience…rock-of-ages-alec-baldwin_510

I look thrilled, huh?

Maybe it’s because teasing/curling/crimping/poofing my hair took a freaking HOUR before I even got to the damn set.

And then the hair and makeup ladies would spend another 35 minutes.

And then I would have to do another 30 minutes of work so that the AD would actually use me in a shot.

I can’t be bothered to take that much time with my hair for our weekend performances. I lose enough sleep as it is.

Luckily, I have a secret weapon…


Sick Boy and Laura McEwen

Thanks to Influenster, I got a special (free) surprise in the Sweetheart VoxBox that has been SAVING.MY.LIFE.


This stuff is AWESOME and does everything it claims to do. I have to say I expected it to smell a little better, given that it’s supposed to be infused with apple, but it kind of just smells like hairspray.

Otherwise, the hold is great and it definitely amps up the volume without being too stiff. I definitely recommend it!

*Disclaimer* I received the hairspray for free through Influenster VoxBox. The views are my own.


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