Spring Forward

Okay, so I’m a little late on the seasons change thing, but life has been a little hectic…

My boss got married this past weekend, so things at the store have been INSANE. Have a bunch of events coming up that I’ve been working on promotional materials for, and need to start advertising the next round of training programs, in addition to coaching the runners I already have.

Got back into the swing of training my clients, which puts a few extra dollars in my pocket, luckily. Either I’ve stepped up my game or they just got really out of shape in the meantime, because expletives have been flying a lot more regularly.


A friend of mine sent me a care package full of chocolate, which was great when Aunt Flo demanded I eat copious amounts of cacao, but now that I’m just stressed, my physique is not super thrilled with me. And considering my physique is one of the reasons I’m stressed out, this whole chocolate thing is a catch-22.


I’ve just been a little depressed, probably from overworking myself and the show. Slowly getting back to human…

Other than the chocolate, my eating has been pretty good, actually. Lean proteins, yams and lots of veggies. And air popped popcorn. I’m slightly addicted.


I’ve got some goodies on the way… I won TWO giveaways this past week! Ripped Cream from Martha and HUMAN Healthy Vending Snacks from Jen. I still find it crazy that I actually interviewed the CEO and PR rep from HUMAN about a year ago. The PR rep, Annabel, is actually pretty prominent in the blogging sphere. Love her message!

And finally, workouts for the week:

Monday – Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Dips, Back Ext., Arm Circuit, Abs
Tuesday –
Running Intervals (3.1 miles)
Wednesday –
Lunges, KB Swing, Single Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Box Jumps, Plank, Burpees, Abs
Friday –
Squats, Bench Press, Hip Ab/Ad, Arm Circuit, Back Ext., Abs
Saturday – Running Intervals (3.1 miles)
Sunday –
Long Run (6/7 miles)

Trying to get motivated to blog more regularly again, and I just got word that I’ll be getting another VoxBox so stay tuned for more review in the future 🙂

Eat. Run. Lift. Repeat.


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