More of a "Good"-ist

I’ve been a terrible ambassador lately… Being super busy at work has not only taken away from my blogging; I’ve been behind on interacting with social media in general.

I’m a little late on the uptake with the Greatist challenge, so I appropriately wore my Greatist shirt to the gym this morning to complete my 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises, in addition to my heavy lifting.

This morning included 3 sets of each:

  • Walking Lunges
  • Burpees
  • Crunches
  • Lateral raises while standing on Bosu
  • Tricep Kickback on Bosu
  • Lateral Plyo Shuffle with Bosu (think this: plyo shuffle, but as you swap feet, the stable one is on the Bosu)
  • Single Point Rows
  • Prone Jacknife
  • Stability Ball Hamstring Roll Out
  • Kettle Bell Swings

It doesn’t look like much written out, but I tell you, I was sweating BULLETS.

I was happy I felt awake enough to get myself in the gym this morning. I haven’t been sleeping very well, but last night I passed out hard. Not sure whether to thank the tequila or the last dose of Lamictal that I found, but either way, I woke up this morning feeling rested.


I plan on going back on the Lamictal, provided this new doctor I’m going to on the 15th is willing to prescribe it to me. My stress levels have been through the roof and my mood swings worse than ever. Regular diet monitoring and exercise haven’t been enough and I just don’t have time to try more crap like meditation. I just want the energy to keep lifting heavy and training my runners!

I have to take my official “after” photos for the Force Factor Challenge tomorrow… yikes! Hopefully I still look okay. Easter candy and I have kinda been besties lately…

Other than that, my eating has been pretty good. Ripped Cream in my coffee, Body Rush pre-workout, protein shakes post-workout and LOTS of chicken breast. By the way… did you know Trader Joe’s has pre-cooked, individually wrapped 4oz. chicken breasts?! Me neither til we went to the new farmer’s market location on Sunday.


And finally, for those of you in the LA area, some words about TRAINSPOTTING

“This production is full of profanity and explicit graphic acts that are meant to offend, but it’s purposeful as it draws the audience in, making you uncomfortable yet you’re glued to your seat in awe as if you’re hypnotized by the actions.  It will stick to your soul and make you think as all good theater should.”
(full review here)

So come and see it!


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