Latest Obsession: Luna Bars

Thanks to my H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending snack bundle that I won from Jen’s blog, I was not needing for snacks during the whole moving process ordeal.

There were some very tasty options, including some amazing cinnamon toast Lundberg rice cakes and a new fave, Snikiddy hot fries. The product I was pleasantly surprised by, however, was the Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bar.

I’m very pick about my bars; if they have too many weird ingredients, too much sugar, too high in calories or too little protein, I won’t eat it. I’ve always shied away from Luna due to their “made for women” claims (I train like the boys for a REASON thank you!) but this was a tasty treat.


I picked up the carrot cake flavor from Target as well, and I have to say, they’re a great dessert substitute. They’re made with organic ingredients and there’s nothing scary on the label. I mean, these certainly won’t replace my Think Thin bars in terms of post workout nutrition choices (the protein is too low and the sugar is high), but when it’s down to these or the gluten-y cookies sitting on my kitchen counter, I’ll grab a Luna (even if my chocolate chip cookies are the best you’ll ever have… just sayin’!)


Saw these protein Luna bars at the grocery store the other night and while I was drawn to the protein content and flavor choices, I was underwhelmed by the taste. Definitely has that “protein powder” taste to it and the blend of texture was weird. Maybe it’s only that way in the cookie dough one? I bought a couple, so I guess I’ll find out.

Verdict: Luna bars are great for a sweet treat, but they do not have a place in my gym bag


Disclaimer: I received a Luna Bar in a giveaway package. The rest were purchased by me. Opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Latest Obsession: Luna Bars

  1. I bought that carrot cake one last time I was at Target and OMG.. it was perfect. Not like “this is a decent healthy substitute” perfect, but like I would eat that any day and absolutely enjoy it. Yum!!!

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