Workout Recap

I’ve noticed a lot of my blogging friends have switched over to workout recaps that a daily update and thought that seemed a lot more palatable than me telling you what I’m doing everyday. Unless you follow me on twitter. Then you have to hear about it anyway 😉

I’ve been going pretty hard lately, so even though I only lifted three days this week, I handed myself my butt on a silver platter each workout.

My motto this week: train like the boys


Monday: Squats (150#), Oblique Bends, Arm Circuit (I’ll post with pictures one of these days; it’s a little strange), Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, Ab Work (weight crunches, romans, v-ups, planks)

Tuesday: 3 mile run; intervals (8:30/3 – ~8:45min/mi and ~11min/mi)

Wednesday: Power Clean to Press (65#), Box Jump, Decline Push Up, Side and Lat Raises on Bosu, Tricep Kickback on Bosu, Jumprope, Standing Hip Ab/Ad-ductor Raises, Pull Up (assisted), Dips, Ab Work (weighted crunches, romans, planks), 18 minute stairmaster

Thursday: Deadlifts (115# – lame I know, but the rack was taken and this was the highest pre-weighted bar available), Oblique Bends, Burpees, KB Swing, Jumprope, Seated Row, Lat Pull, Back Extension, Glute Bridge, Prone Knee Tuck, Hamstring Curl, Ab Work (weighted crunches, v-ups, 100s, hanging leg raises), 30 minute elliptical

Sunday (tomorrow): 5k

Definitely feel guilty about skipping lunges this week, but super stoked that my squats are feeling comfortable at 150#; ready to add a little more weight and keep plodding along. My body is firming up more, slowly. I’ve been thinking that I might attempt the Whole30 again in May to get rid of my fleshy top-layer that pervades in time for going home with the boy for his sister’s wedding the beginning of June. We’ll see.

first world problems.

first world problems.

I just ate a LOT of food I wasn’t supposed to (namely, gluten) at a Potluck I had for my training group. They’re running their first 5k in the morning (hence why I’m running one) so it was their last pep talk. I feel like a proud mother. But I ate WAY too much. Super stuffed right now. My eating is definitely what’s holding me back from having the body I want right now, and while I hate compromising my love for chocolate in an attempt to change the way I look, it might be worth it, just to see if it actually works. I would say I’m about 10lbs of fat away from where I wanna be, so a month of strict paleo might be just the ticket. The medicine the doc has me on seems to help with the emotional side of things, so maybe now that THAT’S more under control, I can cope with being a bit more strict. We’ll see.

In other news… found out I’M GOING TO FITBLOGGIN’ 13!!!! More news on that later, but I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. Not only am I obsessed with Portland, but this conference is going to be an amazing opportunity to meet all of you beautiful fitness bloggers in the flesh! Aaaah, can’t wait!

Anyone else train hard this week? Will I see you at FitBloggin?


2 thoughts on “Workout Recap

  1. So excited for you about Fitbloggin!!! And sooo jealous!!

    I really wanted to go; but I don’t even know if one conference is in my budget for the year, let alone two! I’m really learning towards Healthy Living Bloggers..

    Nice job on the squats!!!

    • sambangs says:

      Thanks! I’m excited as well 🙂
      I was super lucky to get selected for Live Blogging, but still crossing my fingers that finances will all pan out.

      Squats are getting there! I miss being up at 180, but my form is better now, so it’s a good trade off I think.

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