I'm a Runner

Okay. Fine.

I’ve reached the point where I can no longer claim that I’m not a runner.

While I’m still not super fast, and certainly don’t possess the long, lithe limbs of a runner, something happened this weekend that changed my fate.

I placed 2nd in my age group during a 5k



Crazy, I know. But I couldn’t have done it without these guys:


Coaching my training group for the past 10 weeks is the only running I’ve been doing. Which just goes to show that interval training WORKS.

I usually ran with my more advanced jog/run group; by the end of the program they were going hard for 8:30 and recovering at a light jog at 3. On a good day, we would do an 8/8:30 pace for the harder running, and about a 9:30/10 to recover.

Race day I decided to just run hard and see what came of it, expecting to burn out by mile 2 like I usually do. Instead, I ran a sub-8 pace my first half mile, then settled into 8:12. As expected, mile 2 got harder and bumped me up to about 8:30 or so. Mile 3 stayed about the same, only getting thrown by the stupid tunnel that required running and a steep decline and then a steep incline. Torture. Once I passed the hill though, I sprinted to the finish, crossing the line at 26:40… a HUGE PR gain.

Now, I’d noticed that there didn’t seem to be many people my age around me while I was running, but I assumed they were all way ahead of me. So imagine my surprise while I was waiting in line for my free massage and I heard my name over the loudspeaker as having placed second in the 20-24 age group for women! I ran over to the stage, smiling like an idiot. My trainees cheered. It was definitely a proud moment.

And so, I humbly confess to being a runner, though my heart still lies in the gym.

Our next program kicks off May 7th and 9th; 5k AND 10k options this time around means I’m running 4 times a week! Luckily I’ll still be able schedule in my weight lifting time 🙂

Did you do any races this weekend? PR? Are you proud of me too?



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