Workout Recap

This week in workouts…

Monday – Lunges (65#), box jumps, oblique bends, arm circuit (I swear pictures are coming), biceps (15#), triceps, front and side lat raises (7.5#), DB chest press (25#), jumprope, romans, straight leg raise, weighted crunch (50#) PLUS step machine

Tuesday – 7 mile roundtrip bike ride

Wednesday – Power clean to press (60#), burpees, jumprope, plyo squats, glute kicks, hip ad/abductor, pull-ups (35# assist), dips, back extension (8# med ball), side extension, weighted crunch (50#), plank PLUS elliptical and step machine

Thursday – 7 mile roundtrip bike ride

Friday – Squats (150#), obliques, DB shoulder press (20#), seated row (60#), lat pull (85#), v-ups, weight glute bridge, scissors, prone jackknife, hamstring roll out PLUS 3 mile hilly bike ride and 1.5 hours hiking Runyon Canyon

Total rest day today… I am DEAD after yesterday. Squats + hills + hiking = intensely sore legs. I can barely walk. Form is looking pretty spectacular on my squats though, so I can’t complain too much.


Played around with my page’s layout the other day and made a new banner. I thought about paying for a fancy new template, but after today’s trip to the shrink and finding out how much my happy pills are gonna cost me… let’s just say I’m punching some extra holes in my belt to get tightened.

Paleo May is already going TERRIBLE, but I only have myself and poor planning to blame. A certain pseudo-Mexican fast food joint may have been involved with my trip home from the show last night. With my crazy workout, plus the show and not having eaten anything… my crazy was showing to say the least. Unfortunately, the fastest and most convenient options are never the healthiest. I’m paying for it today. On the bright side, I’m not totally beating myself up for it and not trying to overly compensate for it today, so at least I’m dealing with my less healthy life choices in a healthy way.

Pics are not up on the Force Factor page for you to vote yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know when they are 🙂

Training groups start back up again on Tuesday and then I’ll be running FOUR DAYS A WEEK! That terrifies me.

Managers pitched me for a pretty huge audition on Monday; if I get this, it could be fairly life changing… so think good thoughts for me! I can’t afford to be this poor forever! 😉

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and are taking your rest day if you need it!



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