Workout Wednesday: Arm Circuit

Ah, the elusive arm circuit. I’ve referenced it multiple workout recaps now without letting you in on my secrets.

I apologize. I really wasn’t trying to hold out. I’m just lazy.

This is my go-to arm/upper body circuit that I do in conjunction with bicep curls (got up to 17.5# this morning!) for creating a lean, sculpted upper body. Notice I didn’t say strong. I do this circuit with 7.5/10# weights depending on my mood. It’s a fast-moving circuit that focuses on working the muscles to exhaustion rather than trying to build up the strength. Do other exercises for strength. Like bench press. And push ups.

Use these for tank top season.

Do three sets of the following exercises in order, without resting in-between.
10-15 reps each (I usually do 10 with 10#, 15 with 7.5#)

Narrow Grip Chest Press


Dumbbell Skull Crusher


Lying Alternating Front Raises

front raises

Chest Fly


Bent Over Lateral Raise



There you have it! Simple and fast, but highly effective. Do it with some bicep curls:


and you’ll target the arms, shoulders, chest and upper back in one fell swoop.

You’re welcome 😉


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