Sweaty Survey

I saw this survey from Lauren at Breathe Deeply and Smile and wanted to fill it out. Surveys are always fun to do and hopefully give new insights to pull in more readers 😉

1. Which are you more responsive to during a workout: positive encouragement or peer pressure?

Peer pressure, for sure. If I see another girl in the gym, I want to make sure I look like I’m working harder. Hell, when I see guys in the gym I want to look like I’m working harder. I thrive on being told how beastly I get during my lifting sessions. Pressure pumps me up; literally.
2. What’s something on your fitness bucket list? 
I’d really like to compete in a figure competition. I’m not sure I truly have the discipline that’s necessary to achieve that kind of physique, but that’s what I shape my training around.
3. Would you rather be in a group fitness class that’s overwhelmingly crowded or awkwardly empty?  
Awkwardly empty. I like being the center of attention in fitness situations. Plus, if I’m doing something wrong, there’s a better chance the instructor will make sure I fix my form.
4. Rank these activities in order of your preference/interest (favorite to least favorite): running, Zumba, yoga, Cross Fit, swimming, hiking, biking, pilates, kickboxing, sports that involve balls, spinning, weight lifting.
Weight Lifting, Cross Fit, yoga, kickboxing, sports that involve balls (football, yes!), spinning, biking, hiking, swimming, running, Zumba and pilates. Yes, running is super low. No, it’s not a mistake. I still hate running.
5. Would you rather work out next to someone with major B.O. or someone who grunts constantly?
B.O. … I work out at a Gold’s Gym where grunting and B.O. are quite prevalent… the grunting annoys me to no end.
6. What’s your standard workout wear? (T-shirt/tank top, shorts/capris?)
Depends on the day… usually a tank top, but occasionally an old college t-shirt that I’ve turned into an 80’s off-shoulder monstrosity. Shorts are usually my go-to, unless it’s particularly chilly. Then I’ll do yoga pants.
7. Favorite post-workout snack?
I’ve been doing my workouts fasted, so a full breakfast comes after rather than a snack… usually eggs and avocado, greek yogurt with fruit and almonds, or a super pumped up protein shake.
8. Which are your strongest muscles? Most neglected?
Definitely my quads… Thanks to dancing and running, plus all my lifting, they’re pretty beastly. Although my shoulders are really high up there too. I can’t say I truly neglect any muscles, but by looking at me you could say my abs and lower back. So much squishiness thanks to my fluctuating diet. Hence the lack of discipline for figure competition…
9. Would you rather be trained by Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper? (Or a favorite celeb trainer of your choice!)
Jillian Michaels! I would love for her to come in, yell at me and tell me how I’m out of shape and need to want it more. Sadly, negative attention is what I crave from trainers. Tell me to suck less!!!
10. What’s one thing you’ve learned about fitness or your body in the last year?
I have to accept that if I want to be strong, I’m not going to be as “thin” as I picture in my head, nor will I weight as much as I did when I was in college and battling my ED. Strong and healthy can be just as attractive as skinny, and on my frame, probably more so. Still working on the actua acceptance part, but… babysteps.
Fill out your survey and link up in the comments 🙂

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