I Passed!

I passed, I passed! Thank you everyone who’s given me support and encouragement while I took my sweet time this past year to get certified as a personal trainer.

I’m very excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead, and also that this weight of taking a test is now off my shoulders!!

Funny-fitness-pictures-personal-trainer-reality personal-training


Kind of took a break off from my workouts this past week while I was studying like a crazy person. Tried to make up for it by killing myself Thursday and Friday, which is never a good idea…

Thursday was upper body and abs, Friday was lower body and abs. Didn’t run with my group Thursday because there was an alumni event at Paramount, and I didn’t run this morning because I slept through my alarm, so basically what I’m saying is that I’m really failing on the cardio front. BUT I did back squats, two kinds of lunges and single-leg deadlifts yesterday so I don’t know if I could run if I WANTED to.



Eating has been pretty all over the place… tried to be strict about no gluten this week because I’ve been feeling very bloated and squishy just ALL the time, but you know how well I do with restrictions…



I really do want to get back on the horse though. Going home for the boy’s sister’s wedding in a couple weeks, and naturally I feel the need to be the hottest there. I’m not competitive or anything.

Finally moving into closing weekends of the show; only 4 performances left! Maybe I’ll be sad when it’s actually over, but I am SO looking forward to having my weekends back. 7am runs are bad enough without doing a 2 hour show the night before.

Now it’s time to do some actual work for a few hours before going back to the theater. If you haven’t made it out yet, hope to see you in the next couple weeks!!! If not, maybe I’ll see you at FitBloggin’ 😉


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