Workout Wednesday: Legs and Core

Leg day is always my favorite. Probably because my legs are so damn strong. I love being able to throw heavy weights around and make it look easy. That being said, leg exercises are an easy way to hurt yourself if you have a weak core, so make sure you have the proper form, and end with core strengthening exercises.

Here’s what I’m doing today…

Backsquats -3 sets of 10 @ 140#


like THIS – break parallel!!!

Curtsey Squats – 3 sets of 15/leg (holding a 10# medicine ball)

curtsey squat

Reverse Lunge w/ Foot Elevated – 3 Sets of 10 with 20# DBsreverse lunge

Exercise Ball Hamstring Curls – 3 Sets of 15

hamstring curl

Prone Jackknife – 3 Sets of 20



Finishing off with some planks, Roman twists and hanging leg raises for good measure. If you really push yourself and up your weights, by the end, everything from the waist down should be sore.

Happy workout!


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