Ready for Portland

I know it’s Wednesday, but my workout today wasn’t really post worthy… backsquats, my arm circuit, rows, lat pulls, push ups, planks, woodchops, hay bailers and hip ad/abduction plus some elliptical time.

I’m actually thinking of going back to New Rules of Lifting for a while following the “weight loss” protocol from the Facebook group FAQ:

Try this: (assumes good nutrition program)

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 7, Stage 4 (about 16 weeks or so) – Then try the programs in Rachel’s book (8 weeks), and then the program in NROL4 life (12 weeks). Boom – 36 week program. Stages 3,5 and 6 are more strength focused. Stage 6 is focused on developing your strength to do chin-ups so that’s a pretty cool program if you want to do that.

Basically, I’ve been slacking on my squats and haven’t had enough discipline to get them stronger because I’m too hung up on trying to lose weight and do more core stuff. I’ll probably start with Stage 2 because I’ll be bored to death way too soon with Stage 1, but we’ll see.

Right now all I can think about is my fight to PORTLAND in the morning for FitBloggin’13!!!! Looking forward to gluten free treats, fitness classes, swag and learning more about the business of this whole blogging thing. I’m sure I will have plenty to share when I get back 🙂


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