Race Recap: Shoreline 10k

The last time I ran a race, I felt on top of the world and wound up winning 2nd place in my age group.

Yesterday, I learned that not every race will be awesome.

I mean, my training program participants are awesome…

Shoreline 10k

One of the 5k ladies placed 8 overall and one of the 5k guys placed 6 overall, so not too shabby. They’ve all been working their butts off for 10k weeks and each of them finished with a PR, including one of my mentor volunteers! I was a very proud coach.

But then, there was me. I ran the 1ok and made a HORRIBLE go at…

We ran 6.5 last week, so I figured I’d be just fine, but I was VERY very wrong.

I started off feeling really good at about an 8:30 pace… and then about 2 miles in, menstrual cramps hit. HARD. I doubled over in pain and was limping along the course for a good eighth of a mile. Cute.

Embarrassed, I watched my training participants pass me and considering taking a DNF. I finally decided that I would just try to find a bathroom, make sure Flo wasn’t showing up in the middle of this race and hopefully shake some sense back into myself. Spotted the bathrooms and sprinted towards them… only to slip on some sand and FACEPLANT, scraping up my knees.


Used the bathroom, cleaned myself up and pushed myself back out there… desperate to make up for lost time and hoping to maintain SOME dignity I sprinted 2 miles, hobbled for a couple minutes and then sprinted the final two, resulting in a HORRIBLE stitch in my lung .2 miles from the finish. I stretched my arms over my head and desperately breathed into the pain to try and loosen it up, and finally I felt okay enough to run it in.

After all that, I still finished in 1:01, so while I can’t say it was my best performance, at least I didn’t quit.

I’m feeling it today… even with my compression sleeves my calves are CRAZY tight and my scrapes have turned into some pretty intense bruises.

Starting a free month of CrossFit tonight thanks to a new partnership at work and I’m a little intimidated after my poor showing yesterday, but it should be fun.

Also starting with some new clients this week, so that’s exciting and should help to bring in some more money! One audition on the books, but hopefully pilot season will yield some more…

Halfway through Monday so far… How’s the week shaping up?

In LA and want to join a training program? Join Fleet Feet Sports for an info session to learn more about how we can help you achieve your running goals. Thursday 7/18 at 6pm and Sunday 7/21 at 10am. Meet your coach, ask questions, and even get a discount! I hear the coach is pretty cute 😉


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