My Foray Into CrossFit

Well folks, it was inevitable. I knew I would get sucked into CrossFit eventually.

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to drink the kool-aid, I was just never able to afford it. Now, it just so happens when you do marketing for a small business, other small businesses want to cross-promote. Apparently this is the nature of small business… you must learn this when you earn a REAL college degree.

I was too busy learning how to find my inner emotional truth.

Lucky for me, the nice folks at CrossFit High Voltage in Burbank used their real life skills to contact me about getting something going between them and Fleet Feet, resulting in a CrossFit membership and the promise of blog posts.


High Voltage is a GREAT box.

For starters, it’s huge! The picture doesn’t even do it justice… there’s another whole strip with WAY more rings, boxes, rowers and airdynes.

Second, the coaches are amazing. The coach who got this all set up, Matt, has been really great about checking in with me and seeing how the week has been going. In terms of workouts, I’ve worked with with Josh and Katie, and in addition to being in crazy good shape, they’re also incredibly nice and super patient with my doe-eyed, new crossfitter ways.

The groups themselves have also been really welcoming. Everyone said hello and introduced themselves, and the couple of partners I’ve worked out with are supportive and wicked (YES, wicked) motivating. I don’t think I would have made it through yesterday’s workout without my partner’s prodding.

Workouts so far… 



A1. Hollow Rock:

  • 20 sec

A2. HS Push Ups

  • 20 sec

WOD: 10 min AMRAP, rest 5 min, 10 min AMRAP – Goal is same score! (Which I did! 1+1 Burpee)

  • 15x Wall Ball
  • 15x KB Swing (26#)
  • 15x V-Ups
  • 15x KB Push Press (Single Arm -any combo) (18#)
  • 15x KB Walking Lunge (any position) (18#)
  • 15x Push Up Burpees


A. Back Squat (30×1) (125#/105#)

  • 1, 6, 1, 6, 1, 6


B1. 200m Sprint

  • Rest 1 min

B2. Pull Up Ladder (1, 1&2, 1&2&3, etc – start at 1 each round) (5)

  • 30 Sec AMRAP
  • Rest 1 min

B3. Airdyne

  • 15 sec

C. 1 Min Airdyne – Max Cal Contest (19)


Elizabeth – 21-15-9 (10:27)

  • Power Clean (135/95#) (45#)
  • Ring Dip (with band)

Thursday (the only day I thought to take a picture… such a bad blogger)

(2+2 DU/ 2+2 WB)


I’ve decided to take this opportunity to really work on my form, rather than try to go balls to the wall and kill myself. Since I have coaches to critique me, I’d prefer to make sure I’m doing everything correctly instead of just trying to show how much of a badass I am. Because if doing CrossFit has taught my anything so far, it’s humility.

My form on power cleans was ATROCIOUS. Hence my decision to do Elizabeth with just the 45# bar. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I truly thought the dips were going to kill me. I’ve never struggled so publicly. And you know what, I DIDN’T CARE! Cause I pushed through and finished. And then watched in awe as my partner cranked out insane muscle-ups for Amanda.

Working on muscle-ups this morning was a HUGE wake up call… My upper body strength is almost non-existent. While losing weight would help, it’s no substitute for simply needing to just do more work. I’ve been so focused on “toning” my arms and just going heavy with my legs, my lats and traps have been completely neglected. No time like the present!

A week in and I’m still super pumped to be there. My body is achey, but I seem to find myself looking forward to each workout, which is a good sign. Honestly, it’s just nice to go and be told what to do instead of having to think about it. Must be why my clients pay me 😉

If you’re in the valley and looking for a box to join, I can’t recommend High Voltage enough. I’ll keep you posted as the weeks go on, but all in all, I’m just really excited to be pushed outside of my comfort zone.

I love a good challenge.

CrossFit High Voltage
219 W Palm Ave, Burbank, CA ‎
Facebook      Twitter


4 thoughts on “My Foray Into CrossFit

  1. As much as I love you, Sam, and I am fully supportive of all of your promotional running posts you have done lately, this one just makes me smile the most. 😉

    That is so awesome that through a partnership you are able to experience Crossfit without having to worry about the whole expense part of it!!!

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