Good Things

Today I’m only going to talk about good things since all I do is complain lately…

I won a Del Real Foods Party Box Giveaway! I originally followed them on Twitter to try and win a giveaway on The Actor’s Diet, and when I didn’t win, I retweeted them for a chance to win a random Wednesday giveaway… and won! I had 16 lbs. of food, all gluten free delivered to my door this morning… Needless to say, we’re going to invite people over for dinner.

Del Real Foods Giveaway

Saturday night we went to L.A. Brewing Company thanks to a voucher and had a lovely date night. It’s in a rather sketch part of downtown (though they claim they’re helping to restore the area) but you CAN take the train if you’re feeling up to it. They were out of a LOT of beers and food, including the heirloom tomato salad and avocado rolls I had set my sights on. We wound up getting fries, wings, the stuffed peppers and a side salad. The fries were good, but definitely cold by the time they got to our table. The wings were decent. I don’t care for my wings battered, but the spice was good and the meat was tender. The peppers were a pretty big disappointment… they were stuffed with crab as promised, but the chef didn’t remove the seeds so all you could taste was HOT. Side salad was… a salad. The most exciting part of the night was the beer samplers, not just because of all the delicious porters, stouts and ales I drank… but because I woke up the next morning without a gluten hangover! I had 4 pieces of ginger before dinner, and while I can’t say definitively that’s what did it, I’m happy to report that I didn’t have to regret discovering my new favorite beer, Eagle Rock Solidarity.

Sunday was packed full of fun, including a morning date to see The Heat, which was PHENOMENAL. Bullock and McCarthy each hold their own and bring new life to the cliched buddy cop genre. While parts of plot development definitely give way to convenience, the breaking of gender and body image norms paired with both smart and slapstick humor make it a very enjoyable two hours. After the movie we did some grocery shopping, some napping AND… MY FIRST TRIP TO A BUFFET IN OVER A YEAR.

In my ED recovery, I’ve avoided buffets… for obvious reasons. But I finally reached a point where I didn’t want to feel powerless anymore. I hated that we couldn’t throw caution to the wind, have fun and just go have a night of eating a lot of shitty food and laughing about it. So Sunday night we went to Hometown Buffet and I ATE. I avoided most of the gluten-heavy options, sticking to proteins and salad (though I DID indulge in some delicious orange chicken) and also enjoyed some bacon-cheese waffle fries. I ended the meal with a turtle brownie and vanilla froyo. And that was that. I left things on my plate. I didn’t feel the need to stuff myself to the point of feeling sick. Sure, I was full, but I didn’t hate myself. In fact, I went to Target and bought two pairs of shorts (thank you BoGo!). This marks a pretty huge victory for me… I honestly can’t remember that last time I didn’t use a buffet as an opportunity to binge and/or purge. It’s nice to feel like I have control over that area of my life again.

I can’t say I didn’t feel it the next morning… perhaps it was just the whole weekend catching up with me, but Monday was ROUGH. I said I’m only going to talk about good things today though, so I won’t go into detail.

Hope everyone had a good weekend… any good things to share?


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