Vouch For Me

So I haven’t been posting, but if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that I’m at least doing things!

Well, sometimes. Sometimes I say f@*# it and go back to bed.

But otherwise, I’ve been killing it at CrossFit, having semi-productive meetings with my agent, training a bunch of clients, and trying to get the rest of the year (and most of next) organized at Fleet Feet.

In terms of my CrossFit training, I’ve been PR-ing all over the place, but most notably, my backsquat is up to 190#! I actually might reach my goal of hitting 200# by the end of the year! I’m still struggling to do pull ups (I can do 1) and I feel like a tool doing ring rows every WOD, so that’s the next goal to accomplish. Did split squats for the first time today… luckily Coach Josh was very patient with me because I SUCK at split squats. Holy. balls. Made it up to 78# for 2-reps and definitely tweaked something in my shoulder going for 83#. Oops. At least I managed to keep up with the boys and push 160# on the prowler.

I still feel huge, but one of my clients insists I look thinner. I’m on one of the worst cycles of my life this week though, and am bloated like WHOAH so it’s hard for me to have any kind of perspective.

I’ve definitely drunk the CF kool-aid and I love how strong I’m getting. Just hoping the body follows soon…

CrossFit Gosling

10k/Half Marathon program is in the swing of things, so maybe the extra cardio will help out. I’m planning on biking a lot more again to save on gas so more cardio there too.

Slowly tweaking my diet again… I know I shouldn’t compare myself now to college but… 2.5 years isn’t that long ago and before I started eating all junk food, veganism was really working for me. I don’t think I’ll 100% go back, but I’m definitely re-tooling at least breakfast & lunch and making them a bit more streamline. In theory, this should help me save some money too as I was CRAZY broke in college and managed okay. That said, I’m also weighing the possibility of doing a Whole30 in September, which would completely throw that whole plan off. I think the biggest thing is cutting down on sugar and alcohol… both of which I’ve kinda been indulging in with reckless abandon, often leading to old behaviors of binging and then wanting to purge.


Luckily, I’ve only done the binging part, and only a couple times, so that’s progress at least. It’s like I’m slowly working backwards.

At least not everything is moving backwards… I booked a webseries that will get me my first SAG voucher! 2 more to go before I can really make things happen…Famous

Until then, I’ll be taking some new headshots and keeping at it in the gym while trying to figure out what the heck to eat.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter to stay updated!

Going to see the RED SOX play tonight (because my boyfriend is amazing) which is a WICKED AWESOME (see what I did there?) early birthday present. Fleet Feet is having an event on my birthday so actual celebrations will probably be limited. Unless you wanna come and make a proper party out of it! If you’re in LA, like Newtons, CrossFit, myofascial massage and/or winning things, you should definitely check it out 🙂

Peace and love.


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