I’m gonna be honest… I haven’t really set goals for myself in a while.

I’ve been mostly focused on “getting stronger” by doing CrossFit (whatever that means) and trying to get everything on some kind of roll at work. Basically I’ve been shoving protein in my face while still being a nazi about calories and trying to plan and promote a million events and training programs. Oh, and still find the time to train my clients and spend time with my boyfriend.

While it’s been semi-nice to take a break from my type A, OCD lists, I find myself floundering a bit back to a place where it’s really easy to fall deep into the depths of despair. Dramatic, I know.

When I do throw a goal at myself, it’s usually just a passing reminder to “lose weight,” “be skinnier” or, most times “suck less.” Yes, I’m still quite a bully to myself.

So for September, I’m joining my friend Martha (who’s BACK from her blogging hiatus!) in Self Love September.

Self Love September

What really resonated with me about her challenge was:

It’s time to feel like a human again, and not just a “work in progress.”

I’m tired of being another “project” to take on. I’m sick of obsessing over what I eat and when I can work out and will I ever be attractive enough.

Well, I’ve got a boyfriend who loves me so clearly I’m already attractive “enough.”

I will bike more to save money and stay active. I will CrossFit when I have time and it doesn’t make me stress out over other things I need to do.

I will eat what makes me feel good, in reasonable amounts, without feeling guilty.

So I’m not joining in the Whole Life Challenge group that CrossFit High Voltage is participating in. And why I’m not putting up numbers or percentages or sizes.

My focus for the month will be loving myself and promoting myself. Not myself the blogger, but myself the actor. I’m getting new headshots. I’m revamping my website and my casting profiles. I’ve got to make something happen this year. No time like the present.

Join in! For daily #selfloveseptember updates, like or follow Running into 30.



2 thoughts on “September

  1. Sam, thank you so much for sharing! I am so glad you are taking steps towards being happy with you, because you are gorgeous, smart, awesome and above all LOVED! I hope this month treats you well!

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