Butt Lift

Lately, my clients have been complaining of having a sore butt… and for good reason!

Glute exercises are HANDS DOWN my favorite. Maybe it’s because I love working on my own booty (heavy back squats anyone?!), or maybe it’s because my coaching experience has taught me many running injuries stem from having weak glutes; either way, I’m hyper aware of the importance of sporting a great rear end.

While squats are the obvious choice for toning your cheeks, variety is the spice of life. For today’s Workout Wednesday post, I’ve included some of my favorite glute exercises.

I generally have my clients do 3 sets of 15, but you could start off at 10 and work your way up. Over-achievers should do 20. Enjoy!

Curtsey Squats – Start in a neutral position, feet hip width apart, toes slightly turned out. Step left foot to cross behind the right into a curtsey position. Squat down. Return to center. Repeat on the other side.

Donkey Kicks with Crossover – Begin on all fours. Lift right leg off the ground, keeping knee bent. Cross over the left leg. Leading with the heel, kick leg up and diagonally away from the body. Return to the bent position crossed over the left leg. That’s one rep. Finish reps on right leg, then switch legs.


Reverse Lunge with Knee Twist – Start in a neutral position, feet hip width apart, toes facing forward. Step right leg back into a reverse lunge. Push off the ground with your right foot, standing on your left leg with the right knee bent and twist your upper body towards your bent knee. Return to the reverse lunge position. That’s one rep. Finish reps on right leg, then switch legs.



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