In Bloom.

This weekend marked the official beginning of fall, but here in SoCal, the weather is still quite warm.

The boy and I had a really relaxing weekend. We were semi-productive, but after a stressful week of work, mostly I wanted to force him to take a little break. So we biked to the farmers market and to a couple stores before watching the Canes game with my friend Steve on Saturday. Then Sunday I took him for a bottomless mimosa brunch after my training group run.

Thanks to the temperate weather, it was warm enough still to FINALLY make myself plant some flower boxes in the front yard while the boy worked on his truck. My hanging flowers have kind of given up on me, but my yellow rose bush is really taking off and I love it.

I might not be the girliest girl, but I do LOVE flowers. They can be beautiful and delicate, or exotic and hearty.

They’ve also provided my inspiration for today’s Motivation Monday. Enjoy 🙂

Plant a garden Where Flowers Bloom The Mind is a Garden Adversity


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