Work Hard. Play Hard.

Ah, October. That whole autumn thing. Except in Los Angeles, its presence is slightly more subtle than in my home state of NH, so you have to look for the signs. Cool mornings.. chilly nights…



So far I’ve partaken in pumpkin kisses, pumpkin m&ms, pumpkin spice lattes, 3 different pumpkin spice coffees, pumpkin ice cream, and the boy and I got a lovely pumpkin candle.

October is also the one-year anniversary of Fleet Feet Burbank opening and HOLY BALLS I have so much more responsibility than last year. Not only is it race season (expos every other weekend), but we’re having birthday events AND another amazing Diva Night. I’m planning them all. And coaching the training programs for 3 different races while prepping for our November 3rd kick off with Pablove for LA Marathon Training.

Luckily all my proposals are in for 2014 (save for a few details here and there) so I can focus on proposals for myself. My client list has grown EXPONENTIALLY in addition to my work load, so my personal fitness has been on hold a bit.


Today I played in the park for an hour 🙂

Here’s what I did –

  • 5 rounds – 10 Front Squats w/ DB in front rack position, alternating with 10 Step-Ups each leg (prefer box jumps, but picnic tables = bruised shins)
  • 3 rounds – 15 bicep curls, 15 single point rows, 15 tricep kickbacks, 15 reverse flys
  • Modified CrossFit High Voltage Cobra Sprint Chipper -400m run, 35 Squat Jump w/ OH Reach, 30 Knees to Chest, 25 Hand Release Push Ups, 20 Striders (each leg), 15 V-Ups, 10 Burpees

This modified chipper is great because the only “equipment” you really need is something off the ground to hold onto.

I’ll be posting a LOT of bodyweight/minimal equipment workouts over the next couple of months since CrossFit is gone and I’ve frozen my gym membership until January.

It’s time to buckle down and really go hard… Rock’n’Roll is at the end of the month, with the Hard Rock 5k very shortly after. Marathon Training begins in direct correlation for me needing to start training for the AWESOME 7SAR Race in January (more details to come). Plus, I’ve joined a Ragnar team for SoCal in April. WHO HAVE I BECOME!?

Someone who’s going to need a really sweet medal rack and a new drawer for racing shirts…


2 thoughts on “Work Hard. Play Hard.

  1. pickyrunner says:

    The one good thing about being from nh (in my mind) is fall. There’s nothing like it and I make sure to go home for a weekend in October every year so I can experience that. There’s no other place like it.

    • Agreed! Can’t say I find myself missing NH at any other time haha.

      Unfortunately my budget only allows one trip home a year, and that gets reserved for Christmas…

      Enjoy the trees and the breeze! 🙂

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