Let’s Get Dirty


I was recently contacted by the 7 Summits Adventure Race with an opportunity for a free race entry. I’m pretty much a sucker for any kind of free race, ESPECIALLY if you get a medal… and get dirty.

There are a LOT of mud runs out there now, and at this point, I feel they’re a dime a dozen. It’s not that difficult to find a small area, create a 5k route and make it muddy – ESPECIALLY in SoCal. I’m not scoffing at the people that do these races religiously… it just seems like once everyone got wind of success from races like Spartan and Warrior Dash, there’s a new knock-off race every week.

This race, however, is different. For starters, it’s LONG. Not as long as Tough Mudder, but once you get past 10k, I honestly don’t think there’s too much of a difference when it comes to the running. Secondly, the obstacles appear to be legitimately challenging; it’s not just shimmying under some barbed wire. We’re talking zip-lines and LOTS of climbing. I’m getting intense nostalgia for the days of GUTS. I’m going to be really disappointed if this thing doesn’t have an Aggro Crag.

Here’s how they describe it:

The 7 Summits Adventure Race (7SAR) is a brand new adventure race that was inspired by the landscape and challenges of all 7 continents. Our course contains 20+ obstacles over 7 miles, with each mile transformed into a different continent. By the end of the race, participants will have experienced a bit of what it feels like to cross each continent and summit its highest mountain peak.

Can you do this? Yes, 7SAR is designed to be challenging but achievable for all athletic levels. We provide a 10% discount incentive for teams to help work together toward the common goal of completing the 7 summits course!

You can learn more at 7sar.com or facebook.com/7summitsrace.

There are currently 3 locations for the race: Seattle, Florida and SoCal. Seattle is right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to train for Florida and SoCal!

If you’re in the SoCal area, you don’t even have to train alone. Starting in November, I will be holding free obstacle race training every Saturday in preparation for 7 miles of torture pure adrenaline. That’s right, 8 weeks of FREE training with a certified personal trainer to help get you bigger, badder and stronger. Simply request to join the group or shoot me an email at lifeisbangin@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Oh, I should note the biggest reason I decided to run this…

IT’S IN TEMECULA! Post-race wine tasting? Don’t mind if I do…

Thinking of getting in on the action? The friendly people at 7SAR were kind enough to give me a discount code to share with you! Use 7SARBLOG20 when you register to save some cash. If you’re in SoCal and want to run together, join team “Life is Bangin.” Happy training!


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