Stitch It Back Together

Bonus points if you get the song reference!

Hey kids, it’s been a long while. I managed to injure myself training for Rock’N’Roll LA and I just haven’t been in the fitness mood.

Ran the half despite knowing that I shouldn’t and ended up walk/running it from mile 5 on. It was kind of embarrassing. Watch time was still 2:30, though chip time will be later thanks to a necessary bathroom break… got a last minute wedding invite the night before and the hangover didn’t catch up to me until mile 11. Oops.

Roughly a week later though, I was feeling a little better and decided to try for my PR at the Hard Rock 5k. I was 27 seconds short. MY FREAKING SHOE CAME UNTIED. Okay, breathing… still pretty proud of 27:06 since my foot hurt like a mofo.

Luckily, even though I haven’t been able to workout quite so balls to the wall as I would like, my weight is staying pretty normal. In fact, I look kind of GOOD even! So I decided to get my body some new clothes…

I don’t do much shopping… mostly because I have a terrible time dressing myself… But if you need a little change up in your wardrobe, I highly recommend checking Stitch Fix out.

For $20/fix (which becomes a shopping credit), a personal stylist reviews your body type, style preferences, budget and special requests to hand pick items for you. She sent an adorable dress, a sexy top, some amazing skinny jeans and a super cute cardigan. Not keeping it all, but all you do is send it back in a pre-paid envelope and pay for the items you want. That’s it!

  • What is Stitch Fix?

    Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You tell us your style, size, and budget preferences, and we send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. Each Fix™ is unique and hand-picked just for you.

    • How is Stitch Fix different than traditional shopping?

      Stitch Fix takes the hassle out of shopping and gives you the added benefit of having a trained stylist pick out perfect pieces just for you. Using Stitch Fix means:

      • no more circling the parking lot to find a spot
      • no more pushy sales people
      • no more dirty, poorly lit fitting rooms
      • no more annoying trips back to the store to return items that you change your mind about

      Plus, Stitch Fix saves you gas money and hours of time!

    • Who can use Stitch Fix?

      We are able to offer our styling service to women located in the United States. Right now, we are able to style women sizes 0/XS–14/XL due to the sizes available from the brands we work with. As we grow, we hope to be able to offer more sizes in the future.



So if you’re like me and need a break from being constantly in activewear, give it a shot. The worst that can happen is that you mail the stuff back. More likely you’ll love everything and have to convince your boozed up self that you can’t keep it all because that would be impractical.

Did I mention my anniversary was Monday? We went to a lovely little spot called Pace where I ate amazing, gluten filled butternut squash tortellini and shared a wonderful bottle of wine with the love of my life. Too mushy? Oh well.

7SAR and Spartan Super Sprint training start on Saturday… if you’re in the L.A. area and want in on the free training, just shoot me an email!


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