Advanced 5k/10k Training Blogger Opportunity



If you didn’t already know, I coach the training programs at Fleet Feet Sports Burbank. Our marathon group is gearing up for LA in a couple weeks, and our beginner 5k/10k kicked off a few weeks ago.

I’m really excited because this year I’ve created advanced 5k and 10k training for people looking to increase not only distance, but time as well. Yes, the programs are specifically designed to help you PR.


Advanced 5k Training for the Live Ultimate 5k begins April 12th!

PR and improve your speed with the advanced 5K program. The program is designed to offer different training techniques and tools in order to improve cardiovascular performance both during races and in your daily life.


Advanced 10k Training for the Live Ultimate Quarter Marathon begins April 12th! Designed for runners who have completed No Boundaries or have recently run a 5k race, the 10K (6.2 miles) training program is designed to encourage runners and walkers to meet their fitness and running goals beyond the 5K distance. It will include an education on different training techniques and tools in order to further enjoy running and improve performance.

Participants in both programs will receive the following:

  • A 7 week training program
  • Coach-guided weekly training sessions
  • Access to coaches via email during the week
  • Training tech tee.
  • Info clinics on footwear, injury prevention, nutrition, & more
  • Dedicated support from the coach to answer individual questionsThe camaraderie of others with the same goal!

I have two offers to make to you lovely people.

If you are a blogger willing to blog about your experience with the group, I’d like to offer you free training.

If you’re not a blogger, but you want to train at a discounted rate, use the code BLOG2014 for 15% the already early bird pricing.

More info and registration information here.

It’s going to be a fast, fun 7 weeks and I’d love to get a big group together. I’ve learned that running with a whole bunch of people is way more fun than running alone.


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