Back At It

Hey all! Been a while, but I’ve decided to start blogging again. Not gonna put any pressure on it and try to do themed days and all that, but just when the mood strikes me. I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately so I thought I’d shake it up a bit.

On the running front, I just finished coaching the third training program of the season. Clearly I didn’t write about it, but I completed LA Marathon in March, albeit injured. Not super impressed with my time (5:25) but happy I finished. Coached a 10k program for the Hollywood Half 5k/10k in April, but I was running Ragnar the same weekend. That was… an experience. I ran a combined 25.9 miles (so essentially another marathon) and wanted to die.

For the past 7 weeks since then, I had the privilege of coaching an awesome group of No Boundaries runners who just ran the Live Ultimate 5k/Quarter Marathon.

Live Ultimate Start Line No Boundaries

While my time was better than expected for being super hungover (9:38 pace), I was FLOORED by the results of my runners. Everyone PR’d from their previous time, including one super impressive lady who shaved 12 FREAKING MINUTES off her 5k time. I’m not a fast runner and I’m not looking to win any races, but I love coaching because of the results that I see people achieve. The store is on training hiatus for a couple months, so I’m taking the opportunity to scale back a bit on mileage and focus a little more on speed.

That brings me back to gym life. Been trying to get in there every other day at the very least, jumping into some classes like Body Pump but mostly focusing on moderately heavy lifting and plyo. While I love CrossFit and sometimes miss lifting super heavy, I’ve accepted that if my ultimate goal is to ACT and not LIFT, I need to focus on sculpting, not PRing.

Been changing up my diet a bunch as well. Been working some sprouted grains back into my diet, heavy on the veggies and eliminating a lot of meat. Still going heavy on protein in the form of shakes, eggs, Quest Bars, tofu and quinoa. Tracking on MyFitnessPal again and trying to cut back on the alcohol (besides my little bender Saturday night). Had lunch with a friend yesterday at Pitfire Pizza in NoHo and had the seasonal Farmer’s Market Plate, which is currently: Roast Brussels Sprouts / Orange Gremolata Spiced Roast Carrots / Cilantro Sweet Pea Mash & Crème Fraiche on Grilled Focaccia/Pea Tendrils / Quinoa / Radicchio / Preserved Tangerine Vinaigrette. Tried a new place in Burbank today via Eat24 called Grain Lab. Nothing exciting; just some tofu, veggies and quinoa. Neither dish was particularly photogenic, so I’ll spare you the food shots for now.

Heading to set tomorrow… nothing crazy exciting; just background work. Will share more when I can, but let’s just say I’ve been working my butt off the past week to better fit into some pretty stunning gowns 🙂

Lastly, there’s a couple of fun fitness events coming up in the next week that I’ll be attending if anyone is interested…


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