ClassPass LA Launch

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past couple of days, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from attending a barre class at Exhale Spa in Hollywood for the launch of ClassPass LA. ClassPass has existed in NYC for a year now (happy birthday!) but it’s FINALLY available in LA as of this week! The program is essentially a fitness class passport to the city; for $99 a month, members get 10 classes to be used to visit any studio of their choice up to 3 times per month.

Now, I’m not really a group fitness person per se, but I do like to mix it up every once in a while. I’ve been wanting to find a good barre class to try, so this was the perfect opportunity! Exhale Spa is located in the Loews Hotel in Hollywood, a block from the Hollywood/Highland metro stop.


Location is really important for me when it comes to working out, because if I’m going to have to spend more time in the car than working out, I’m not interested. Since 5:45 is the WORST time to try to get over the hill, I was happy to be able to take the train.


Exhale JUST opened its new fitness studio, so we were the first to try it out. It’s a nice space; a bit of a strange shape, but nice views of Highland Ave and a little of the hills.


The core fusion barre class was led by Braxton who, like ClassPass, just moved to LA from NYC. The class description says…

This heart-pumping, soul-seeking, energy-inducing fitness program focuses on core strength for the ultimate full body workout. Using weights, balls, bands, and your own body weight as resistance, this program will keep you burning calories long after the class is over.

The only barre class I’ve ever taken was my audition to be an instructor at Pop Physique and I haven’t danced since college, so this was a nostalgic change of pace. Some unused muscles definitely got woken up and my thighs were a-burnin’ by the end of class. There were a lot of isolation exercises and Braxton was really on top of keeping everyone’s form in check. We started with chest, shoulders and arms, progressed to legs at the bar, and then finished with some fairly intense ab work. I was hoping to talk to Braxton a bit after the class, but another group was coming in after us so we were ushered out to the pool area for some samples and swag.




Urban Remedy is a juice and raw foods company that specialized in using their 100% organic ingredients to follow the “food is medicine” mantra.


For the most part, they seem to specialize in cleanses, which I’m super not in to, but the raw coconut brownie that was in our swag bag was pretty delicious. The three juices we sampled (After Party, Flush and Boost) were all tasty, but not something I’m gonna drop $10/bottle on.

Also to sample was something a little less healthy and a little more fun…


ProYo is a premium low-fat frozen treat made with probiotic yogurt packed with 20 grams of protein per tube. It’s not crazy high in sugar (17g) and tastes pretty darn good. I sampled the blueberry pomegranate; it was creamy, tangy and I was pretty sad when it was gone.


It’s slowly making its way into the LA market and you’ll be able to find it at most health food stores in the area. Nothing right in NoHo, but the website says it’s at Full O’Life in Burbank, and if you want to make the trek to Whole Foods, it should be there as well.

It was a really fun event and I was glad to meet the lovely ladies of ClassPass, as well as some cool LA fitness bloggers as well.

My one complaint about ClassPass is that there’s no way to see where the studios are located on the website, so unless you look up each one individually, so if you’re choosey about location like I am, it’s hard to know which one you would even be willing to visit. I did some digging and in the FAQ, Boston and NYC have a map available, so perhaps LA will be forthcoming.

Because I was curious, I mapped the 50 studios to see how many would be feasible for me to visit. Provided all locations of each studio are participating (namely Barry’s, Cardio Barre and Pure Barre), I would be willing to visit 12; 4 are in the valley (1 in NoHo) and the rest are in Hollywood or Silverlake. My bubble includes all of the valley, south down to Santa Monica Blvd, west to Fairfax, and east to Glendale. I know there are great places in Brentwood and Santa Monica… but I detest traveling to the westside.

I was all excited to give ClassPass a try as the invite said we’d be receiving a free month… perhaps something was lost in translation because while we did get some fun swag, I didn’t leave with a month subscription. Oh well. Maybe I’ll treat myself somewhere down the road…

Thank you to ClassPass and Exhale (and Braxton!) for hosting such a fun event!

It’s National Running Day today. Are you participating? I’ll be running with Adidas and Fleet Feet Burbank at our Pub Run tonight at 6:30pm if you’re interested!



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