Barry’s Bootcamp

So something awesome happened…

After the ClassPass event, one of the PR people emailed me and set me up with a free month of ClassPass after all!

Don’t get me wrong… I’m still trying to warm up to the idea of taking fitness classes. I was an avid kickboxer in college, but ever since graduating, I’ve yet to find a class environment that I enjoy as much.

I’ve heard of Barry’s Bootcamp a number of times; I mean, they claim it’s the best workout in the world. So when ClassPass gave me the opportunity to try 10 of their 50 participating LA studios in a month, I knew I had to put Barry’s to the test.

During the week, Barry’s classes are body-part focused (butt&legs one day, arms&abs another), but Saturdays and Sundays, it’s a full body option. So after my client on Sunday morning, I made the drive over to Sherman Oaks for a 10am class. Luckily traffic wasn’t bad. The studio is on the second floor of a stripmall-type building right on Ventura Blvd. I didn’t notice the parking lot in the back at first, but luckily street parking was free on Sunday anyway.

There was a large group waiting for the class and everyone got a slip of brightly colored paper designating you to a treadmill or the floor. I wound up on the floor first, and was joined by a number of other first-timers.

The room is fairly small and very dimly lit with a red glow. I read afterwards that Barry’s vision was creating a nightlife type environment… I can’t say that really came across, but since you’re forced to stare at yourself in the mirror the entire time, I was grateful to not be able to see as much.

The workout was broken up into 15-minute chunks; 15 floor, 15 treadmill – repeat. Floor exercises were fairly straightforward, utilizing dumbbells and a step. Treadmills focused on sprint and incline intervals.

Some of the ab stuff on the floor was really challenging, which I liked. The treadmill…. ugh. I just really hate running on treadmills. Something about the clomping and the whirring sound. Was it a good workout? Absolutely. I sweated like a fiend and was shaking by the end. Was is the BEST workout? Eh… jury is still out. I’m going back two more times (ClassPass allows you to visit the same studio 3 times/month) because I know I burned a lot of calories, but I don’t think it’s my new favorite thing or anything.

I will say it’s a very welcoming company, both in studio and social media wise. They very quickly tweeted me back after I noted that I was going, and the guy behind the desk was super nice. The instructor was good; had a lot of energy and positivity… like a yoga teacher that secretly wants you to pass out mid-workout. I mean that in the best possible way.

Maybe I’ll enjoy it more next time now that I can hype myself up for some treadmill running. Or maybe I’m just a masochist. Jury is out on that one too.


*Opinions expressed are my own. I was given a free month of ClassPass, but I was not compensated for this post in any way, and have no affiliation or relationship with the businesses mentioned.


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