The Main Barre

If you like your workout classes invigorating with a hint of mind-body awareness led by a hot blonde in a modern, industrial loft – I’ve got the class for you.

I met Anna while filming a sizzle reel for a reality show and I was stunned not only by her beauty, but with how down-to-earth she was. It’s not super often I meet someone on set in LA who is genuinely friendly, so cynical me was skeptical at the get-go. After two days of shooting however, my cynicism wore off and I was happy to have made a new connection; especially because she was also in the fitness industry.

I knew Anna taught yoga and barre, but seeing as how I haven’t ventured outside of the weight room very much until this ClassPass adventure, I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience her as a fitness instructor. When I saw The Main Barre was a participating studio, I knew I had to get my butt downtown for one of her classes.

I don’t go downtown very often… traffic usually blows and parking is a nightmare. On the lucky occasion that something in near the metro, however, I can be willing to make the trek. The Main Barre is half a mile from the Pershing Square metro stop, a block away from the Nickel Diner (which is on the boyfriend and my LA bucket list). You buzz yourself up to the 4th floor where you’ll find their cute loft space lined with dance bars, and huge windows overlooking downtown. Usual barre equipment is neatly arranged in the corners (mats, small weights, straps, medicine balls, etc.) and the un-windowed walls are lined with mirrors.

Something unique about Main Barre is that all of their barre instructors are also yoga certified, adding a level of mind-body awareness that isn’t necessarily present in other barre workouts. The workout itself is a mix of barre, pilates and yoga, “integrating light weight-resistance training, core strengthening, isometric movements and incredible stretches.”

I definitely preferred this class to last week’s barre workout. I’m still not totally sold on doing barre all the time; as something supplemental though, I could get used to it. As I’ve said before, the instructor definitely makes or breaks the whole thing…

Let’s talk about Anna.


I’ll be blunt: Anna is an incredible instructor. She’s welcoming, exudes positive energy, and is incredibly attentive to class participants. Plus it helps that she has a great speaking voice. She moves around the room to ensure everyone can see the exercises and is quick to make adjustments so that everyone is in alignment and avoids injury. I left the class feeling refreshed, just sweaty enough, and (mostly) ready to start my day.

Want to practice with Anna? Check out her teaching schedule. She teaches everywhere from DTLA to Glendale to Studio City! She’s event leading a retreat to Bulgaria next month. How freaking cool is that?!

I think The Main Barre would be the perfect place for someone looking to try out barre classes for the first time, especially if you’re someone who does yoga on the reg and you’re looking to add more of a strength element. I’ve gotta admit, I’m kinda over the whole yoga thing for a hot second, but I still feel like I got the same benefits of focus and relaxation during this class. It definitely doesn’t quite fill that dance-shaped hole in my heart, but overall, I really enjoyed it. Give it a try!

The Main Barre
560 South Main St. Suite 4W
Los Angeles, 90013



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