July Clean-Up

I’ve been working out pretty hard for the past month. Like, at least 60 minutes of a solid workout everyday pretty hard.

And yet, I feel like I have nothing to show for it. Mostly because…




Like, a lot. In mass quantity. And wine; that’s also a problem.

So now that the 4th of July festivities are over, it’s time to take a breath and clean up my eating a bit. Interestingly enough, another LA blogger wrote a post about how “clean eating” can get out of control and become an eating disorder called orthorexia. Don’t worry; the last thing I need is another eating disorder. I’m doing this the right way.

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal during the week, but I tend to get reckless over the weekend… especially with sugar and alcohol. On the flip side, I get a little neurotic during the week and sometimes eat too little during the day to try and save calories for dinnertime “just in case.” Just in case usually ends up being… SUGAR AND ALCOHOL which keeps that fat in place around my middle and is probably contributing to my poor sleep patterns.

SO… I’ve been looking at a number of different eating plans and I’ve settled on a mix of the Zone diet ratios (40/30/30) and something akin to what a figure competitor would eat. It requires me to eat more often, which is going to take some getting used to, and requires WAY more protein. I’m also going to try to eat more “real food” and rely less on protein shakes and Quest Bars to cut down on sugar cravings; unless I’m on my way to the gym, or right after a workout (if it’s not meal time yet).

An example day (today actually):

Breakfast – black coffee, steel cut oats with blueberries and egg whites.
Snack – nonfat greek yogurt
Lunch – Trader Joe’s chicken patty, zucchini and quinoa
Pre/Post Workout (depends on how hungry I am before) – Quest Bar
Dinner – Quest miracle noodles, chicken breast and homemade pad thai sauce with a mixed greens, bell pepper & cucumber salad

It’s a lot of food, but surprisingly only around 1250 calories. Since I plan to workout for at least an hour, I’ll probably add in another snack after dinner, preferably not comprised of ice cream or whiskey. I’ve banned myself from drinking wine for the remainder of the month. If I’m at home and we open the bottle, I feel the need to finish it, while I can have one whiskey on the rocks and call it a night. I’m weird like that.

I’m hoping that making these tweaks will battle the bloat and give me a little more definition, or at least help me lean out a bit.

Any tips and tricks appreciated!






2 thoughts on “July Clean-Up

  1. Maybe add in something sweet at night. Allowing and planning for something like that might alleviate the feeling of deprivation (and deter a boomerang effect for the future).
    PS – Like the new site!

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