Do or Do Not

…there is no try.

But there could be a TRI.

Bear with me here… I think I might be going a little crazy. Saw a post today on the SRLA Facebook page about a sprint triathlon at the Hansen Dam on August 17th. There’s a code to make registration a mere $65. No wetsuits required AND I can use my hybrid bike.


Truth be told, I can probably do the 11 mile bike, 5k run no problem. On paper, anyway. The 500 yard swim however… meh.

My main hesitation: it’s 5 weeks away. And I’ll be shooting and going on vacation during those 5 weeks.

Am I crazy? Can this be done? Anyone crazy enough to do it with me?



4 thoughts on “Do or Do Not

  1. Total creeper status but did you got to Nike Training Camp at the Noho 24 Hour Fitness today? I think I was in the same class as youuuu. Sorry, just had to mention it, haha.

    And I say do it! Mark that tri off your bucket list man!

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