First Comes Love…

I’m sure you know the rest of the saying, but I’ve never been one for following social norms.

If you have a minute to spare and the ability to turn your volume up, check this out:

Otherwise, this cuts to the chase:

12 Week Announcement

12 Week Announcement

Yep, I’ve been hiding a bun in the oven since the beginning of December. So far the first trimester has been… how can I put this… less than enjoyable.

Symptoms include terrible nausea that should not be called “morning sickness” because it lasts all day long, extreme fatigue, mood swings, random cravings, restless sleep. They say that when the placenta takes over at the second trimester these symptoms alleviate, so I’m still waiting on my “it gets better” moment. Right now, I’m still pretty cranky.

Despite all of my symptoms, I’m not showing a ton…

11 Weeks

11 Weeks

Naturally, I feel HUGE but the scale hasn’t changed too much. I was actually steadily dropping weight from Halloween on, and even when I stopped TRYING to lose, I lost another 4lbs or so after I found out because of the nausea. Managed to put those 4 back on thanks to Christmas but haven’t gained since then.

Still in the gym, though not going NEARLY as hard. Got myself a new toy to keep me on track. The FitBit Surge is freaking AWESOME. The built in HR monitor helps me make sure I’m not going over 140BPM and the GPS functions the same as my Nike Sport Watch, so I’m all set when I’m coaching too.

That said, my running certainly isn’t what it was… I PR’d my half marathon in October (2:10) and now I have to run around a 12 min run/walk pace to keep my HR down. Still planning on running the LA Marathon Charity Half Relay for the AFSP but definitely won’t be looking at the time.

Food has been ALL over the place…

  • Over Christmas I craved chicken fingers and french fries; sometimes mac and cheese
  • The first week back from Christmas meat was grossing but goat cheese and cranberry salad really hit the spot
  • Then veggies got gross too so I switched to grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • This past week was the WORST. Between being too exhausted to cook and nothing being too appealing, we ate fast food 3-4 times, including Fat Burger, McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Yesterday the sugar monster paid me a visit and I INHALED jellybeans and Skittles. Thank goodness I’ve at least been able to work some veggies back in.

Some days I struggle to get all the necessary calories, but others I overeat like WHOA so it should even out… carbs have been a bit high, but I think once the nausea dissipates for good I’ll be able to get back to more salads and less starches.

So far, the best way to describe my first trimester is: the worst hangover I’ve ever had, but throwing up and tylenol doesn’t make you feel better, and even greasy, carby foods don’t help it go away.

I’m excited for the whole having a little human thing, but the growing it part… not my favorite so far. I’ll reevaluate once the second trimester sets in.


2 thoughts on “First Comes Love…

  1. Yup, sounds about like the first trimester to me. 🙂
    Try a smoothie. Easy way to get your fruits, veggies, and so many healthy nutrients. Also a good fix when you’re having a sugar cravings.

    I found that as long as I didn’t let myself get hungry or overstuffed, it helped keep the nausea at bay. Also, Tumms and Papaya enzymes. Often together.

    Don’t forget to keep hydrated. It will also help.

    You will get your steam back in the second trimester and be back to mostly your old self with your workouts. You can also pretty much ignore the 140bpm rule. Everyones resting HR is different depending on your own fitness level. A better rule is to make sure you can still maintain a conversation.

    Don’t forget baby’s brain and important cognitive bits are forming right now so it’s the best time to make sure you’re up on your nutrition as much as you can. If prenatals make you feel icky, try a brand that is in a capsule and is raw or whole-foods based. DHA is also important. I like Garden Of Life for both.

    That was all a little sporadic I know. 🙂 If you need any kind of advice, you can totally reach out and ask! Happy Baby Growing!

    • Thanks girl! I’ve been stalking your pregnancy since you announced 😉

      Smoothies and I are definitely besties right now, with lots of spinach. I’ve been eating a ton of fruit outside of the smoothies too. Pineapples are my JAM.

      I was doing pretty well force-feeding myself small meals every 3 hours or so, but this past week just got crazy between my multiple jobs and I kinda got off track… hence the fast food.

      No issues with hydration and prenatal vitamins, and I take an extra calcium/fiber supplement as well.

      The BPM thing hasn’t been an issue yet because I’ve honestly been way too fatigued to try and push myself any harder anyway… but as my energy comes back I’ll definitely play it by ear!

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