Don’t Joke With a Pregnant Lady

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. It’s been pretty crazy at work between new training programs starting and big events happening this month. And I just started with a new PT client. And I had an audition yesterday. I’m tired just typing that.

I’ve definitely been listening to my body more when it comes to working out. In the gym I’ve been able to push a little harder; been working plyo like burpees with a Bosu and box jumps back in. Running is still hit or miss. Did some speed work with a private client Tuesday morning and it went great. 2/1/30 (walk/run/sprint) might be my new go-to for pregnant speed work. The short 30s sprint allows me to build a good amount of speed before I actually reach the point of being out of breath. Tried running with my training group that same night and it did NOT go as well. Hit a wall around 3 miles (so around 6.5 for the day) and had to run/walk the final two miles. Woof.

Aside from Super Bowl eating on Sunday (re: way too much chips and dip) my eating habits have kind of gone back to what they were pre-pregnancy. Cravings have been more on a day-to-day basis than an all-the-time need, so I’ve just been giving my body what it wants.


Monday I was still feeling sluggish from my Super Bowl binge extravaganza, so I stuck to cereal for breakfast, a grazing afternoon of celery with guac, greek yogurt and a larabar, an early dinner of leftover tacos and a late snack of chips and salsa.

Tuesday I ate half a bagel before my morning clients, then had a spinach protein shake after the speedwork. Chicken sandwich with added spinach and a side salad for lunch. Pork, rice and cucumbers for dinner.

Yesterday was my busiest day by far… had to do my hair and makeup for my audition before I left for clients/work so I ate some cereal while I curled my hair. Snacked on nuts and celery at work then grabbed a chicken burrito on my way to my next client. Geniuses they are at Poquito Mas, they wrap the burrito in two separate halves – so I ate one half yesterday and one half today. Filled me up all through my audition until dinnertime. Was craving pasta so I made chicken parm.

INHALED a Starbucks turkey bacon breakfast sandwich before my private client this morning and chugged my protein shake afterwards. The dude at Starbucks almost lost his face when he tried to “joke” with me that they were out of breakfast sandwiches… my sense of humor is ZERO when I’m hangry anyway… let alone being pregnant and hangry. It’s a whole new level of hating everyone.

I’m definitely consistently hungry now; I eat every 2 hours or so… 3 if I have to push it. Still haven’t gained much weight… up about .5lbs since my first trip to the OB mid-December. My body is definitely redistributing everything though… my belly and back are expanding pretty rapidly, but my quads and arms are tightening up and getting smaller. Super weird.

Monday – 12 weeks, 3 days

Today – 12 weeks, 6 days

3 day difference… yeesh. I mean, I kinda chalk this up to flour tortilla eating, but whatevs.

Had a killer migraine all weekend, so the doc gave me a prescription. Picking that up then hitting the gym tonight after taking a day off yesterday… I’ve been doing full body since I go roughly every other day now. Want to get in some deadlifts and time on the bike today.

Looking forward to yoga tomorrow and spending some time at the beach this weekend. I need to relaaaaax!!!


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