This Morning Was a Cold Opening

I’m in SoCal, so I’m not talking about the weather. On T.V. shows before the credits roll, there is sometimes a scene grabbing the audience’s attention and pulling them into the show so they don’t change the channel before the show starts. Sometimes it has to do with the plot (finding a body in L&O) and sometimes it doesn’t (random comedic bantering in Modern Family). This is called a cold opening.

That was my morning. I had the most crazed, epic adventure, all before 7:30am.

After having to work late last night, TJ had to be to work super early this morning; which meant pretty limited sleeping time. Normally, I’d get up when he wakes up to get his breakfast ready, pack his lunch and feed the dogs. Because I’ve been sleeping so terribly, he insisted I sleep longer instead. (He’s pretty great like that – hence yesterday’s Instagram post.) So he kissed me goodbye around 5:30am and I KNOCKED OUT.

I vaguely remember my alarm going off and hitting the snooze… but the next thing I knew, I blinked my eyes open feeling strangely rested – then panicked and checked what time it was. I overslept. I had 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave for my 7am client.

I leapt out of bed, brushed my teeth and got water boiling for coffee. Trying to give myself a little bit of a buffer, I texted my client to say I was running around 5 minutes late – I can totally get ready in 20 minutes. Fed the dogs, packed a lunch and put a bagel in the toaster. Ran around like a crazy person, simultaneously chugging my OJ and throwing clothes on just in time to walk back in the kitchen and find a burnt bagel.

Oh well, hungry pregnant lady needs to eat. Slathered it in my special greek yogurt cream cheese and began gnawing on a very crunchy bagel while trying to throw all my weights and resistance bands into my bag. Loaded everything into the truck and took a sigh of relief as I looked my watch a saw that I was, indeed, only going to be 5 minutes late.

You could roll opening credits now and think, “man, this is going to be a zany show filled with unfortunate and comical events.” BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.

We’ve been having a few problems with the truck. TJ has been working really hard to get it drive-able for me, but there’s still a few things that need some tinkering… like the neutral safety switch… it doesn’t really have one right now. It’s totally fine though because TJ told me how to deal with the wires if the truck is being finicky, so when the truck didn’t immediately start up this morning, I wasn’t worried. I knew what to do.

Except when I got down on the ground to crawl under the truck, there was a LAKE of a puddle of (what is probably) coolant. We’ve been having some radiator problems too. Not wanting to be any later, I whipped my jacket and t-shirt off and half rolled under the truck in just my sports bra – I didn’t have time to change again. I pushed the wires back into one another and thought, great, let’s go! Except when I turned the key, it still didn’t work. Texted my client to say I was having car issues but could fix them, and asked if she wanted a short session or to cancel; she opted for a shorter session. So I took a breath and thought “okay, let’s do this.”

Ran back in the house and got a beach towel to lay over said puddle. Got all the way under the truck and examined the wires to see that they could use a little more electrical tape. I didn’t know where the tape was and thought about texting TJ, but then I remembered he was in a meeting, told myself to grow up and think for a minute, and found the tape in the toolbox. Crawled back under, added some tape and expected success.

No dice. I weighed my options… I could Uber around all morning… I had 3 back to back clients and canceling would certainly cost me more than the short Uber rides. I could rent a ZipCar, but then I would definitely have to cancel my first client and it would cost almost what I’d make all day. Or, I could fix the damn wires.

So I crawled back underneath, untaped everything and retaped it all until it looked right. Going on adrenaline-induced self confidence, I quickly jumped in the truck, toweled myself off and turned the key – it worked! I fixed it! I was only 15 minutes late for my client and I didn’t even need to bug TJ.

I am pregnant Maguyver, hear me roar.

7:15 am – Roll opening credits.

3 back-to-back clients with no major issues. Ran 2/1/30 for 3.5 miles with the second. Made it to the store in time to meet a new sales rep. Rewarded myself after lunch with some Oreo cookies.

Only 7 more hours of this day to go…


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