(Almost) 16 Weeks – Bumpdate

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. This past week has been a little up and down…

The rest of last week was fine… made a few trips to the gym accompanied by the belly:

14 weeks, 3 days

14 weeks, 3 days

Running on Valentine’s Day morning was a bit of a joke. I started walking pretty early on due to some gnarly incline, and then by mile 7 or so I could only run half a mile at a time until I finished at 10 miles. TJ and I both knocked out after lunch and had a solid 2 hour nap before getting ready for our fancy dinner. Wore a dress that left little to the imagination in the chest and baby bump department, but neglected to take any pictures – whoops. Had an AMAZING meal at Pace. Bean, bacon & lobster soup with a side of focaccia, wild mushroom risotto with blueberries, some of TJ’s filet mignon and spinach ravioli, plus a HUGE dessert platter with molten chocolate cake, break pudding, homemade whipped cream, biscotti and two kinds of cookies. We ate it all, naturally.

Sunday was pretty low key. Did some thrifting and got a cute summer dress that I thought would be good for a big belly, but am now realizing it will probably be WAY short… oh well; it was $3.50. Got a few more classic titles to add to our laserdisc collection including Bambi and Escape to Witch Mountain (the original, naturally). Prepped some food for the week including my lunch craving of the moment… sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and pistachios, roasted with olive oil and orange juice. Made some poached chicken breast to go along with it for the added protein. Chicken is definitely my least favorite of all meats right now, but I don’t have a complete aversion to it. I’d just rather not have it.

My body is starting to protest my clothes this week. Anything that goes up over my lower abs is super uncomfortable and it’s definitely time for a couple new running bras. This might be TMI, but no one tells you about nipple soreness and it is AWFUL.

After a decent 5 mile run/walk on Tuesday in this adorable, weird fitting ensemble…

15 weeks, 4 days

15 weeks, 4 days

…I woke up yesterday with a terrible migraine. It laid me out for most of the day and resulted in my throwing up. I finally pulled it together in the late afternoon just in time to take a Bar Method class. I would have cancelled, but I’m back on ClassPass and would have been charged for canceling with less than 12 hours notice.

Bar Method was decent… the new Studio City location is very nice, has a really nice locker room with showers, a coffee bar, and has free parking. The class is very similar to Pure Barre… much more isolated tucks than actual ballet moves. Felt like a good workout (holding a deep squat was HARD after the run the night before) but overall, CardioBarre is still my favorite barre class to go to.

Feeling much better today, but now doubly swamped at work. Ate a GIANT bowl of oatmeal to make up for my lack of eating yesterday… nut butter, banana, pistachios and almond milk. It was good and MAN it kept me full.

Hitting the gym after work, before my 6:30 client and then yoga tomorrow afternoon. Saturday run is supposed to be 12 miles I believe… might try for it since 10 was pretty close last week, but we’ll see. Finally accepting that a run/walk scheme is going to work out much better than just trying to run the whole thing.

I’m going to start doing short questionnaire-style once-a-week bumpdates at the end of some posts for people that don’t feel like reading the nitty-gritty details.

Bumpdate – (Almost) 16 Weeks

How far along?  15 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain: 0 lbs. net gain… I lost a bunch the first month, gained it back during Christmas, managed to gain about 1.5lbs and then lost it again over the past two weeks.

Stretch marks?:  I already have some old ones leftover from when I was a fat kid, but no new ones yet! Been using Palmer’s off and on.

Maternity clothes: Haven’t gotten any yet… there should be some in my StitchFix next week and I definitely need a new sportsbra, but for the most part I can still make everything fit.

Belly Button in or out?: Totally still in

Sleep: Decent… been having some crazy nightmares, but overall, the Snoogle pillow makes everything better.

Best moment this week: Valentine’s Day felt really special this year. Just a really nice reminder of how much we love each other and value our relationship… this kid is in good hands.

Worst moment this week: The migraine from hell

Miss Anything? A glass of wine would be nice every once and a while, but no big

Movement: None yet!

Food cravings: Pistachios, fries with ketchup, sweet fruity drinks (like smoothies and the new Starburst slushy at Taco Bell), strawberries and Starburst jellybeans

Anything making you queasy or sick: Migraines, raw meat

Have you started to show yet: Yep, but to most people I probably still just look chubby.

Symptoms: Migraines, constant hunger, peeing non-stop, and fatigue. SO MUCH fatigue.

Happy or Moody most of the time:
 Pretty moody, but trying to be happy!

Workouts: Same as pre-pregnancy really… weight lifting with some plyo, spinning, running, elliptical, yoga and starting to throw barre back in.

What I’m reading: The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey (not pregnancy related, but really good)

Looking forward to: The roommates moving out so we can organize our stuff a bit more. Our Miami trip in two weeks.


One thought on “(Almost) 16 Weeks – Bumpdate

  1. Hayley says:

    Too cute! The tiredness will go away a bit for 2nd trimester then come back in the 3rd. Watch out because ur breasts will start lactating when u least expect it around 5 months ish. Right around when u start to feel the baby more. Im so happy for u Samantha! Hugs 💗

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