17 Weeks Bumpdate

It’s been a pretty crazy week between events at work and TJ’s birthday/work travel prep.

Had a check-in with the OB this morning; she said the heartbeat sounds really strong, so we’re in good shape!

Been using my ClassPass as much as my schedule allows. LOVED a TRX class I took at Sandbox Fitness. All of their classes take place in a giant sandbox, reducing the impact on joints (pregnancy bonus #1) while increasing the challenge of balance (pregnancy bonus #2).

Tried YAS for the first time yesterday. I liked the idea of it… the cycling room is in a big warehouse style space, and the instructor had a Scottish accent so I could barely understand a word that she said during the spin portion. The yoga portion was fine, although I had to modify about 10 minutes of it because we were supposed to be on our backs. I didn’t get the chance to tell her I was pregnant so I probably just looked like a crazy person.

Got a Stich Fix, but I’m lame and didn’t take any pictures. Overall, the maternity stuff was WAY pricier than I was willing to spend (they sent me a $140 jersey dress – maternity size and it was a little big on me anyway; cocktail cut, but still!) and I ended up keeping a regular sized maxi dress that I liked (but still thought was a little pricey for a jersey maxi) so I wouldn’t lose the stylist credit. The stuff was cute, overall. One top I really liked, but it was more of a fall/winter style and I don’t really need that anymore. It’s already turning to summer this weekend here!

Not that I’ll be here… headed to Miami Thursday morning for a mini-babymoon during TJ’s work trip. We’ll only really have one full day to ourselves, but it’s better than nothing! I’m looking forward to getting a break for a couple days. Hopefully we’ll take some pictures and I can show off my maternity shopping finds.

I got this shirt and shorts at Old Navy for 30% off!

17 Weeks and my first actual maternity outfit.

17 Weeks and my first actual maternity outfit.

Bumpdate – 17 Weeks

How far along?  17 weeks and 4 days

Total weight gain: 3.5 lbs. total

Stretch marks?:  No, but I get very itchy

Maternity clothes: Did some shopping at Old Navy (t-shirt, shorts and a dressy maxi) and kept a casual maxi from my Stitch Fix.

Belly Button in or out?: Totally still in

Sleep: Decent. I don’t sleep well alone, so having TJ gone is a huge bummer, but so far I’m exhausted enough that I can at least fall asleep initially.

Best moment this week: Spending Saturday afternoon shopping at Big Lots, Target and Ikea for home stuff, and getting baby ideas.

Worst moment this week: Monday morning post- fettuccine alfredo. I had to cancel my first client and spent a LOT of time in the bathroom. It wasn’t pretty.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back

Movement: A few fluttery popcorn moments here and there

Food cravings: Starburst jellybeans, frozen fruit bars, goat cheese & bacon (together), pasta

Aversions: Most meat (chicken especially), cooked vegetables, certain coffee

Have you started to show yet: Yep, but to most people I probably still just look chubby. It’s not hard yet.

Symptoms: Round Ligament Pain, mild headaches, fatigue and lots of peeing.

Happy or Moody most of the time:
 Pretty moody, but trying to be happy!

Workouts: Loving TRX at Sandbox Fitness, but still running and doing regular stuff at the gym.

What I’m reading: Turnaround Bright Eyes by Rob Sheffield – pretty good, but sometimes he’s too mushy and emo, even for me.

Looking forward to: The roommates moving out so we can organize our stuff a bit more. Our Miami trip in two days!


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