Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


I’m breaking up with 24Hour Fitness for the remainder of my pregnancy. It’s been really hard to stay focused while I wander around hoping for the equipment I want to use to be free and still feel like I’m getting a solid workout in what little time I have to spend there. PLUS, I know have pretty much everything I use in the gym at home (minus a leg press machine and an elliptical) so if I really want to, I can work out there.

I’ll admit it… there IS someone else. I don’t think it’s a forever thing, it’s just that it compliments my pregnancy fitness needs better right now…

I’m officially trading in my gym membership for ClassPass.

YES, it’s a little expensive, but I’m trimming a few other things from the budget to make it work. Committing to the scheduled classes forces me to workout, which is something I totally need to keep me on track at this point. Not to mention, most instructors push me a lot harder than I’m able to push myself in a busy gym.

I must admit, I am not usually a lover of classes… I don’t like working out with other people. I get competitive. I lust over their expensive workout gear. Some of their game-faces make me downright uncomfortable. Even still, I’m LOVING the classes I’ve been taking and love the instructors for not trying to handle me with kid gloves.

Oh, and if I really just want to zone out on the elliptical for a while, ClassPass has added gym time at places like Crunch and Gold’s!

So what’s got me all hot and bothered?

My Favorite Workouts – Active Pregnancy Approved:

Cardio Boxing – World Champion Cardio Boxing (North Hollywood)

  • Hands down my favorite thing I’ve been doing. You start with a run, get in some plyo work AND work on boxing technique. I burn a crap ton of calories, and even though the instructor won’t spar with me, I get pushed just as much as everyone else.
  • Bonus: the class is taught by 4 Time World Champion Boxer and International Boxing Hall of Famer “Terrible Terry” Norris. It’s really as awesome as it sounds.

Pop Sculpt – PopPhysique (Studio City)

  • The planks are definitely really hard to hold at this point, but the instructors at PopPhysique definitely know how to safely handle a pregnant lady in these classes. They’ve been there at the ready with medicine balls to keep me from being flat on my back and all the “tucking” that I usually hate in these kinds of classes seem like the perfect answer to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles for labor. Meagan H. is hands down my fave instructor at this location.
  • Bonus: they have dry shampoo in the bathroom so you don’t look like a hot mess when you leave.

Full Body – Barry’s Bootcamp (Sherman Oaks)

  • Sprinting on a treadmill now versus pre-pregnancy is LAUGHABLE but WAY EASIER than trying to make myself sprint on the road (re: emergency hand bars). I don’t have to modify the workout very much and the instructor was really motivating and didn’t try to get me to back off on anything.
  • Bonus: Validated parking

TRX – Sandbox Fitness (Sherman Oaks)

  • Playing in the sand while working out without having to deal with the crazies that go to the beach in SoCal? Yes, please. Using the TRX is great because you can adjust the difficulty super easily, and doing plyo on the sand feels WAY better on my achey joints.
  • Bonus: The instructor is super hot and she plays great tunes.

Are you a ClassPass-er in the valley? Let me know if you wanna check something out together or if you have class recommendations!


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