Liquid Snuggles

Like every good pregnant lady should, I’ve been drinking a LOT of fluids. Yes, I get my gallon of water in, but I also like to drink other tasty things; like organic juice.

Totes Juices ABC

Totes Juices is an adorable little spot in Sherman Oaks, with an equally adorable owner. They have a pretty rad assortment of organic smoothies and juices with catchy names, and I can’t resist leaving Sandbox without getting one. I’ve tried the Iron-y and the ABC so far… it’s probably good that I’m only in that neck of the woods once a week or I would be even poorer than I am already.

After my little organic gem of nectar, I spent the day working from home with my heating pad and these nuggets.

TJ and Maggie

I’m still working long hours, and TJ sporadically travels for work, so it was nice to have the time together.

Got to drink a different kind of beverage this morning…

Glucose Test

It honestly wasn’t as bad as everyone had me thinking it would be. It wasn’t refrigerated, but they had three flavors for me to choose from (Orange, Fruit Punch and Lemon/Lime). I went with the latter because it was clear. It tasted like lukewarm, slightly concentrated Gatorade. Not terrible. BS Baby kicked like a fiend for the hour wait, but other than that I felt fine – hoping that’s a good sign.

After that, more drinks: free Jamba Juice (Tropical Greens) and some coffee (Starbucks soy latte). Even after fasting all morning, that filled me up for a while, surprisingly. Got a breakfast burrito from Corner Cottage (AKA the best breakfast burrito in the valley) for lunch and was feeling pretty good…

But now, my stomach has started to revolt. I don’t think it was the burrito; it wouldn’t have had time to digest yet. Perhaps it was the glucose drink on an empty stomach? Regardless, my insides are NOT HAPPY. Hopefully everything will settle down for boxing tonight.

Until then… more water!


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