I’m gonna be honest… I haven’t really set goals for myself in a while.

I’ve been mostly focused on “getting stronger” by doing CrossFit (whatever that means) and trying to get everything on some kind of roll at work. Basically I’ve been shoving protein in my face while still being a nazi about calories and trying to plan and promote a million events and training programs. Oh, and still find the time to train my clients and spend time with my boyfriend.

While it’s been semi-nice to take a break from my type A, OCD lists, I find myself floundering a bit back to a place where it’s really easy to fall deep into the depths of despair. Dramatic, I know.

When I do throw a goal at myself, it’s usually just a passing reminder to “lose weight,” “be skinnier” or, most times “suck less.” Yes, I’m still quite a bully to myself.

So for September, I’m joining my friend Martha (who’s BACK from her blogging hiatus!) in Self Love September.

Self Love September

What really resonated with me about her challenge was:

It’s time to feel like a human again, and not just a “work in progress.”

I’m tired of being another “project” to take on. I’m sick of obsessing over what I eat and when I can work out and will I ever be attractive enough.

Well, I’ve got a boyfriend who loves me so clearly I’m already attractive “enough.”

I will bike more to save money and stay active. I will CrossFit when I have time and it doesn’t make me stress out over other things I need to do.

I will eat what makes me feel good, in reasonable amounts, without feeling guilty.

So I’m not joining in the Whole Life Challenge group that CrossFit High Voltage is participating in. And why I’m not putting up numbers or percentages or sizes.

My focus for the month will be loving myself and promoting myself. Not myself the blogger, but myself the actor. I’m getting new headshots. I’m revamping my website and my casting profiles. I’ve got to make something happen this year. No time like the present.

Join in! For daily #selfloveseptember updates, like or follow Running into 30.



Planning for Success

The days have really been getting away from me…

Celebrated Christmas with the boy last night. We enjoyed some Pitfire Pizza (gluten-free pumpkin and sausage for me!) and mead with The Grinch after we opened our presents. I got a fuzzy warm robe, a bike basket (YES!!!), a kombucha making kit (homemade, naturally) and a super cute card 🙂

Been quite busy at both jobs (getting ANOTHER book ready at one; marketing like CRAZY at the other) in addition to taking on a new client and some auditions here and there.

Between the stress of work and stress of the holidays, either some extra holiday weight has crept on, or I’m retaining water something FIERCE (aunt flow is due any day now…TMI?) because I’ve been feeling HUGE.

Luckily, this has inspired me to clean up my act and get back to NROLFW.

I know, I know. I talked a lot of smack about being bored or whatever, but truthfully, I need to make myself be more disciplined if I want actual results. The tricky part will my keeping my eating habits under control while being in NH….


Not sure how strictly I’ll be able to follow NROLFW while I’m home either. I definitely want to do some Crossfit since it’s WAY cheaper back home, but I also found a gym that has a free week pass, so I’ll probably do both.


Then again, the world ends Friday so WHATEVS.


Did workout B of stage 2 yesterday and my muscles are freaking FEELING it. Deadlifts from the box really attacked my glutes. LOVE it.

To help keep me on track I’ve signed up for the 2013 Force Factor 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge.


It’s totally free to enter, so if you want a chance to win fun stuff but want someone to hold you accountable, I’ll be here!

I’m also enlisting the guidance of my pals over at Whole9. They’ve got a whole holiday prep guide laid out for you so you don’t have to stress over food choices.


I freaking LOVE those Hartwigs!

Retaking some headshots when I get back, so definitely gotta be mindful of that, in addition to just wanting to look super hot for my boyfriend.

Yup, I said it. Hollywood can kiss my big, muscular, round butt; but I want my boyfriend to have a hot girlfriend.

The plan: lift heavy, eat clean, sleep more, stress less.

I think this will be easier said than done…

November Foodie Penpals and Doomsday December


My foodie penpal box this month was courtesy of the lovely Ashley. She was a first-timer and I gave her a bit of a challenge with my gluten free restrictions, but she did quite well!


She made me an AMAZING batch of gluten free granola. Not too sweet, really crunchy, and some of the biggest raisins I’ve ever seen.

Some skinny pop popcorn which she assumed I had tried… BUT I HADN’T! Snacked on it last night after work; quite tasty. Good amount of salt and just enough oil. We usually pop our own popcorn, but this would definitely be a handy snack if you were ever out and about and needed a healthier option.

I’ve seen these Gluten Free Bars (GFB) around but I’ve never actually had one to try. I’m saving them for emergencies (rushed mornings, forgotten lunch, etc.)

Finally, Ashley wanted to send me some Illinois in my box, so I got local PUMPKIN BUTTER. You all know how much I love my pumpkin. I always pass on it at Trader Joe’s because it’s not a “necessity” but I’ve always dreamed about how good it is. And

Laying off the pumpkin butter and other sweets still, at least until headshots are done on Sunday.

December has come fast upon us, which means it’s time to set new goals. My November goals were pretty wimpy; just giving up coffee and keep recovery in check. Let’s just say coffee was WAY easier.

It’s time for a challenge. According to the Mayans and really superstitious people, the world is going to end in December, so I say, let’s prepare ourselves. I don’t really believe that the world is going to just end, but I will say, I watch enough film and TV to think that something else is definitely possible…

That’s right. Flesh eating zombies. The running ones are totally scarier than the slow ones, but the ones on the Walking Dead I feel move the most realistically. That being said, we have to prepare ourselves for anything, and that means being in amazing shape. So get ready for a month of workouts that will have you lifting heavy, sprinting fast and working up a sweat. Welcome to Doomsday December.

Tomorrow is December 1st, but Saturdays are my “bonus” days during the week; kind of like rest days with one good lift thrown in. So you get to start out with something kind of easy. Push yourself hard though; those zombies won’t hold back, so neither should you.

Finish off with 20 minutes of cardio to cool down. Your choice. May I suggest running for your life?