Guest Post: Chelsea Makela

Hi folks! Today I have a special treat for you…

A guest post by Miss Chelsea Makela!

You may know Chelsea from the movie Dance Flick, but you might not know that she is currently developing a television series, and line of dolls and books called “True Beauty” to create a support system for those suffering from pediatric cancer.

I had the opportunity to interview Chelsea for the doc, as she has undergone quite the weight transformation herself. The best part? She did it naturally: eating right and exercising.

No pills, no gimmicks, no surgery. It can be done, people.



My name is Chelsea Makela, I am guest blogging for the Sexi Flexi blog. For those of you who don’t know me I am an actress best known for my work in Dance Flick as Tracy. I filmed with Sam in her documentary film Why Am I So Fat? and currently am working on my own product line and show geared towards those effected by pediatric cancer, you can find out more about me and my projects at:

Today, I wanted to touch on weight loss and finding a healthy balance while trying to obtain your weight goals. Around 2 years ago I lost close to 200 lbs. I had hit my peak of weight at 18 years old and felt like I was so far down the rabbit hole that it was hopeless to get out.

However, someone told me something that stuck with me till this day. I signed up for the gym and while taking the tour and feeling very intimidated the staff member said “As long as you’re making some movement each day, your accomplishing a goal.” So I ran with that.

Everyday I would do something more than I had done the day before. If that meant running or walking for 5 minutes instead of 2 minutes than that’s what I would do. I began listing my daily accomplishments. I changed my focus. I focused on what I had accomplished rather than what I didn’t have yet. I hope this helps and inspires those of you working towards your health goals.


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No more excuses, people. Time to go make yourself sexy.

Stop eating frozen processed garbage you pretend is food, put down the bags of multicolored artificial crap you KNOW isn’t food, eat some veggies and lean protein, and go for a walk.

Sound simple? It is.

Kind of.


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