Liquid Snuggles

Like every good pregnant lady should, I’ve been drinking a LOT of fluids. Yes, I get my gallon of water in, but I also like to drink other tasty things; like organic juice.

Totes Juices ABC

Totes Juices is an adorable little spot in Sherman Oaks, with an equally adorable owner. They have a pretty rad assortment of organic smoothies and juices with catchy names, and I can’t resist leaving Sandbox without getting one. I’ve tried the Iron-y and the ABC so far… it’s probably good that I’m only in that neck of the woods once a week or I would be even poorer than I am already.

After my little organic gem of nectar, I spent the day working from home with my heating pad and these nuggets.

TJ and Maggie

I’m still working long hours, and TJ sporadically travels for work, so it was nice to have the time together.

Got to drink a different kind of beverage this morning…

Glucose Test

It honestly wasn’t as bad as everyone had me thinking it would be. It wasn’t refrigerated, but they had three flavors for me to choose from (Orange, Fruit Punch and Lemon/Lime). I went with the latter because it was clear. It tasted like lukewarm, slightly concentrated Gatorade. Not terrible. BS Baby kicked like a fiend for the hour wait, but other than that I felt fine – hoping that’s a good sign.

After that, more drinks: free Jamba Juice (Tropical Greens) and some coffee (Starbucks soy latte). Even after fasting all morning, that filled me up for a while, surprisingly. Got a breakfast burrito from Corner Cottage (AKA the best breakfast burrito in the valley) for lunch and was feeling pretty good…

But now, my stomach has started to revolt. I don’t think it was the burrito; it wouldn’t have had time to digest yet. Perhaps it was the glucose drink on an empty stomach? Regardless, my insides are NOT HAPPY. Hopefully everything will settle down for boxing tonight.

Until then… more water!


Date Night

We’ve been trying to get out of the house a little more on the weekends since we know that won’t really be an option after BS Baby arrives.

Lately though, we’ve been doing a lot of work around the house and passing out watching the DVR. Sometimes on separate couches because I need to use the heating pad. It’s glamorous and super romantic.

We asked for movie gift certificates for Christmas since I knew that’s the kind of outing we’d least be able to do with a screaming newborn, but I’m often way too exhausted to sit through an entire movie by the time we find something we want to see.

Saturday we decided we’d give it a go. As a Noah Baumbach lover, While We’re Young has been on my radar, but I wasn’t sure if TJ would go for it. Luckily, he didn’t take too much convincing. Because the tickets were covered, we grabbed a bite at District Pub before showtime.


We’ve been into District for drinks before (the beer selection is pretty rad, and happy hour is awesome) but never got around to trying the food out. The menu offers sausages and burgers, with some pretty eclectic twists. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s an Alligator or Duck Sausage, along with the usual pork, chicken and beef options. There are even 2 vegan sausages that sound quite tasty if that’s your thing. The burgers sound delicious as well – especially the Early Bird, which is topped with an egg. Egg on burgers is just the best.

I’ve been going easy on the meat lately myself, so I opted to try the vegan burger, but added fontina cheese and their tomatillo habanero sauce. TJ got the cheddarwurst, and we shared fries (naturally) with a side of spicy ketchup.

Vegan Burger, tomatillo habanero sauce and original fries.

Vegan Burger, tomatillo habanero sauce and original fries.

The ketchup was life-changing. Really nice heat balanced with a really robust flavor; I almost asked if they would give me some to take home. The tomatillo habanero was very unexpected, but very good. I was imagining more of a salsa, but this was thick – kind of like pureed guacamole. The habanero flavor was a nice kick but the tomatillo kept the whole thing tasting very cool and a little earthy. The burger suffered from textural issues but tasted delicious. I didn’t have a problem finishing it.

TJ liked the sausage, but we both agreed it didn’t seem to have too much cheddar in it. I partook in the beer sampler he got with my pregnant technique of “lipping.” You keep your mouth closed and let the drink cover your lips and then lick your lips for the flavor. I’m a genius, not an alcoholic, don’t judge me.

After dinner, we hopped across the street and made it into our seats just in time.

While We're Young

I really loved While We’re Young. Balancing the perfect amount of humor with the heavy, the film explores the idea of “timeline manipulation” both in life and in cinema. Exposing the boundaries between documentary and fiction, it’s an honest look at the generational cycle, and how we perceive our own authenticity and self-growth; a coming of age for the 40-something. Highly recommend!

Played it pretty low key the rest of the weekend… did some Pre-Natal Yoga, which I honestly still find boring, but I know it’s good for me. Feeling WIPED OUT today, especially after Pop Physique this morning. Not sleepy tired, but just lethargic and achey to the bone. I wouldn’t complain if I could take a nap though.

Hope you had a great weekend!

24 Weeks Bumpdate

It has certainly been a trying few weeks. Between the issues with the truck and clients being flakier than ever, money is definitely a major stressor. I haven’t been able to cut back at the running store as I had planned because I needed to try and make up some of the lost hours somewhere… I’m out $200 in cancelations this week alone!

Taking the ACE recertification exams has been draining and it’s definitely becoming clear to me that it’s not something I’m really passionate about.

And TJ has been traveling, so I’ve been alone, and depressed and trudging through work days… it’s totally been throwing off my appetite and sleep. Luckily he came back last night and Poquito Mas hit the spot for lunch today, so maybe I’m at least back on track in that department.

Career things can’t really be solved with 16 weeks of pregnancy left so… I guess I suck it up, stick it out, and figure it out later.

24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Bumpdate – 24 Weeks

How far along?  24 Weeks
Total weight gain: 12lbs
Stretch marks?:  Nope

Maternity clothes: Nothing new… definitely in need of another bra and some sports bras.

Baby Stuff: My awesome cousins in Florida sent me the GORGEOUS, modern and incredibly functional JJ Cole Metra diaper bag from my registry that I’ve been lusting after. Comes with a changing pad, tons of pockets, attaches to a stroller and is super sleek. I kinda want to use it now…

JJ Cole - Metra Diaper Bag

JJ Cole – Metra Diaper Bag

Belly Button in or out?: Still in, but it’s shallower and wider; super weird looking.

Sleep: Not awesome. TJ has been traveling and I don’t sleep well alone as it is… then I woke up with an awful pain in my neck yesterday.

Best moment this week: PopPhysique instructor telling me she loves having me in class because I’m super strong AND with child – as opposed to being strong for a pregnant lady.

Worst moment this week: TJ being gone.

Miss Anything? Not being tired all the time; being able to think clearly; auditioning

Movement: Flailing – so much flailing. You can feel movement through the belly now, but it’s less straight kicks and more like a dance party that tries to rub against your hand when you put your hand on it.

Food cravings: Green juice, ice cream, carrot cake, PB&J

CVT Soft Serve twist with rainbow jimmies

CVT Soft Serve twist with rainbow jimmies

The Iron-y from Totes Juices in Sherman Oaks

The Iron-y from Totes Juices in Sherman Oaks

Aversions: Nothing really right now.

Symptoms: Peeing a lot, insomnia, body aches, round ligament pain, very fatigued

Happy or Moody most of the time: SO moody this week.

Workouts: Boxing, Pop Physique, Sandbox TRX, trail runs and running with clients this week.

What I’m reading: Nothing right now…. read a bunch of articles on breastfeeding last weekend. Have to renew my PT certification by May 31st so I’ve been reviewing a lot of my ACE Manuals.

Looking forward to: TJ being done with all his work travel.