Life Lately

Apparently I haven’t done a Bumpdate in a month. Whoops.

I keep meaning to post… I’m an ambassador for an awesome new activewear line and I want to get a good post up for them – I’m just so dang exhausted all the time!

Planned my last big event at Fleet Feet last week; Diva Night went well and it was awesome to see Melissa from The Valentine RD.


After coaching Saturday morning, we drove down and spent the day at California Adventure and Disneyland. I rode what rides I could, ate TONS of food, and took plenty of pictures.

TJ even talked his way into a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants for dinner so we could get preferred seating for the World of Color show. The prix fix menu was really good and included a dessert PLATTER of delicious things. The merlot was heavenly as well.

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Ariel said we should consider “Ariel” and “Flounder” as baby names.



A man and his Mickey ice cream.


I look freaking HUGE in this pic. I swear it’s the angle! It was only taken two days after the first pic of me with Melissa!!!

Bumpdate – 28 Weeks

How far along?  28 Weeks – Officially 3rd trimester, yay!
Total weight gain: ~17lbs. Baby is now 2.5lbs of that and the size of a coconut (apparently).
Stretch marks?:  Nope

Maternity clothes: A couple new bras, but they aren’t maternity specific.

Baby Stuff: Hand me downs from a friend who’s a new mommy. Mostly gender neutral; a few sport things, but if it’s a girl, she’ll be introduced to sports just like a boy will.

Belly Button in or out?: In, but flat and super weird

Sleep: Not the best. Weird dreams and generally being uncomfortable.

Best moment this week: Disney date, getting a Kitchen Aid (from my grandparents), and gorgeous flowers and card (from TJ) for Mother’s Day

Worst moment this week: Hospital tour – super long and boring

Miss Anything? Acting, running for real

Movement: SO MUCH! Kicks and flops and break dancing like WHOA.

Food cravings: Ice cream, brie with prosciutto

Aversions: Meat.

Symptoms: SO fatigued, body aches, lower back pain, rib pain

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody

Workouts: I’ve been doing a ton of different stuff lately… boxing, kickboxing, crossfit, pilates, TRX, prenatal yoga, and walking with clients.

What I’m reading: Newton’s Football – loving it! Can’t wait for the fall.

Looking forward to: Baby showers, nesting

Taking it easy this weekend… it’s rainy here in SoCal. Gonna catch up with a friend for lunch on Saturday and then see another friend’s show Saturday night. Trying to get out of the house while we still can, but honestly I’d usually rather sleep.


24 Weeks Bumpdate

It has certainly been a trying few weeks. Between the issues with the truck and clients being flakier than ever, money is definitely a major stressor. I haven’t been able to cut back at the running store as I had planned because I needed to try and make up some of the lost hours somewhere… I’m out $200 in cancelations this week alone!

Taking the ACE recertification exams has been draining and it’s definitely becoming clear to me that it’s not something I’m really passionate about.

And TJ has been traveling, so I’ve been alone, and depressed and trudging through work days… it’s totally been throwing off my appetite and sleep. Luckily he came back last night and Poquito Mas hit the spot for lunch today, so maybe I’m at least back on track in that department.

Career things can’t really be solved with 16 weeks of pregnancy left so… I guess I suck it up, stick it out, and figure it out later.

24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Bumpdate – 24 Weeks

How far along?  24 Weeks
Total weight gain: 12lbs
Stretch marks?:  Nope

Maternity clothes: Nothing new… definitely in need of another bra and some sports bras.

Baby Stuff: My awesome cousins in Florida sent me the GORGEOUS, modern and incredibly functional JJ Cole Metra diaper bag from my registry that I’ve been lusting after. Comes with a changing pad, tons of pockets, attaches to a stroller and is super sleek. I kinda want to use it now…

JJ Cole - Metra Diaper Bag

JJ Cole – Metra Diaper Bag

Belly Button in or out?: Still in, but it’s shallower and wider; super weird looking.

Sleep: Not awesome. TJ has been traveling and I don’t sleep well alone as it is… then I woke up with an awful pain in my neck yesterday.

Best moment this week: PopPhysique instructor telling me she loves having me in class because I’m super strong AND with child – as opposed to being strong for a pregnant lady.

Worst moment this week: TJ being gone.

Miss Anything? Not being tired all the time; being able to think clearly; auditioning

Movement: Flailing – so much flailing. You can feel movement through the belly now, but it’s less straight kicks and more like a dance party that tries to rub against your hand when you put your hand on it.

Food cravings: Green juice, ice cream, carrot cake, PB&J

CVT Soft Serve twist with rainbow jimmies

CVT Soft Serve twist with rainbow jimmies

The Iron-y from Totes Juices in Sherman Oaks

The Iron-y from Totes Juices in Sherman Oaks

Aversions: Nothing really right now.

Symptoms: Peeing a lot, insomnia, body aches, round ligament pain, very fatigued

Happy or Moody most of the time: SO moody this week.

Workouts: Boxing, Pop Physique, Sandbox TRX, trail runs and running with clients this week.

What I’m reading: Nothing right now…. read a bunch of articles on breastfeeding last weekend. Have to renew my PT certification by May 31st so I’ve been reviewing a lot of my ACE Manuals.

Looking forward to: TJ being done with all his work travel.

Overdue Bumpdate!

I think I find blogging so daunting because I feel like I have to get everything into one post… instead of spacing out little updates that people will actually read.

Le sigh. I overcomplicate EVERYTHING.

So… I’m gonna try to stop that. Here’s a bumpdate. More to come!

20 weeks, 5 Days

20 weeks, 5 Days

22 Weeks

22 Weeks

Bumpdate – 22 Weeks

How far along?  22 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain: 10lbs
Stretch marks?:  Nope

Maternity clothes: Got some hand-me-downs from clients, and some Old Navy tanks and a pair of shorts from my mom.

Baby Stuff: Nope

Belly Button in or out?: In, but it’s shallower and wider

Sleep: Not awesome, but luckily not having to get up to pee yet.

Best moment this week: Transplanting roses from the backyard to the front and getting our vegetable garden going.

Worst moment this week: The pain I’m in today. Low back on one side, hip out on the other… I’m a mess.

Miss Anything? Not being tired all the time; being able to think clearly.

Movement: Lots of squirming, but no kicks can be felt through the belly yet.

Food cravings: Sweets/chocolate

Aversions: Nothing really right now.

Have you started to show yet: Yup!

Symptoms: Peeing a lot, body aches, very fatigued

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody and depressed if I don’t keep myself busy with something, but happy when I’m around other people.

Workouts: Boxing, Barry’s Bootcamp, Trail Running, Yoga, Pop Physique, running with clients… you name it, I’m probably doing it!

What I’m reading: Finished Girl on the Train… I hate it. On the hunt for my next read.

Looking forward to: My baby shower… it’s not until July, but it’s still super fun to have someone planning a party for me!