Define Brave with Katie K.

KatieKAmbassador copy

I am thrilled to announce that I am an ambassador for the Katie K Activewear line.

There are TONS of activewear brands out there now to choose from with prices that run the gamut from super affordable to half a month’s rent. The common factor that many brands seem to have, however, is that everything seems to be designed for women who have already attained a fitness model physique.

That’s why I love Katie K. Katie’s platform is “define brave.” Katie’s definition of brave is being the best you, you can be. Brave also comes in all shapes and sizes…

Between new runners at the store and new clients looking to get into shape, I see so many women working out in old T-shirts and cotton lounge pants. Not only does the cotton absorb sweat and weigh them down, they seem uncomfortable and un-empowered. It may sound silly, but great fitting and flattering fitness apparel can really make a difference.

The Katie K Active Signature Collection is a new premium line for sizes Small to 3X which empowers you to BRAVE YOUR ELEMENTS while leading a healthy and enriched life. The Katie K Active Signature Collection is the perfect blend of STYLE MEETS FUNCTION for your daily sweat sessions. The Katie K Active Signature Collection ends the search for a versatile wardrobe that will take you from yoga class, to the gym, to your coffee date, and everywhere in between. With the Katie K Active Signature Collection, you and your girlfriends can feel great about how you look while working out, or even on those crazy days that you didn’t quite make it to the gym. The Katie K Active Signature Collection with double-fit technology will ELEVATE YOUR CONFIDENCE, giving you the motivation to perform at your best.

I’ve been rocking my free flow cardigan almost every day; it’s the perfect cover up for warm-ups or quick errands.

Kaie K Active Free Flow Cardigan in Black

The length of the walking pant is adjustable and the wide waist band is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for this entire pregnancy.

Katie K Active Signature Walking Pant in Black

Katie K Active Signature Walking Pant in Black

I love how breezy the burnout tank is, and the drawstring sides compliment my bump without making my butt look flat.

Katie K Active Signature Burnout Tank in Vivid Blue

Katie K Active Signature Burnout Tank in Vivid Blue

Prices are comparable to the market and the quality is better than a certain subscription service that I’ve used in the past. I’m trying not to buy too many more clothes until after baby comes, but I can’t wait to get my hands on those signature urban capris!

Why not give Katie K a try? Use code SAM15 for 15%off and free shipping!

Disclaimer: I received the apparel pictured for free as part of my ambassador contract. All opinions are my own.