Define Brave with Katie K.

KatieKAmbassador copy

I am thrilled to announce that I am an ambassador for the Katie K Activewear line.

There are TONS of activewear brands out there now to choose from with prices that run the gamut from super affordable to half a month’s rent. The common factor that many brands seem to have, however, is that everything seems to be designed for women who have already attained a fitness model physique.

That’s why I love Katie K. Katie’s platform is “define brave.” Katie’s definition of brave is being the best you, you can be. Brave also comes in all shapes and sizes…

Between new runners at the store and new clients looking to get into shape, I see so many women working out in old T-shirts and cotton lounge pants. Not only does the cotton absorb sweat and weigh them down, they seem uncomfortable and un-empowered. It may sound silly, but great fitting and flattering fitness apparel can really make a difference.

The Katie K Active Signature Collection is a new premium line for sizes Small to 3X which empowers you to BRAVE YOUR ELEMENTS while leading a healthy and enriched life. The Katie K Active Signature Collection is the perfect blend of STYLE MEETS FUNCTION for your daily sweat sessions. The Katie K Active Signature Collection ends the search for a versatile wardrobe that will take you from yoga class, to the gym, to your coffee date, and everywhere in between. With the Katie K Active Signature Collection, you and your girlfriends can feel great about how you look while working out, or even on those crazy days that you didn’t quite make it to the gym. The Katie K Active Signature Collection with double-fit technology will ELEVATE YOUR CONFIDENCE, giving you the motivation to perform at your best.

I’ve been rocking my free flow cardigan almost every day; it’s the perfect cover up for warm-ups or quick errands.

Kaie K Active Free Flow Cardigan in Black

The length of the walking pant is adjustable and the wide waist band is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for this entire pregnancy.

Katie K Active Signature Walking Pant in Black

Katie K Active Signature Walking Pant in Black

I love how breezy the burnout tank is, and the drawstring sides compliment my bump without making my butt look flat.

Katie K Active Signature Burnout Tank in Vivid Blue

Katie K Active Signature Burnout Tank in Vivid Blue

Prices are comparable to the market and the quality is better than a certain subscription service that I’ve used in the past. I’m trying not to buy too many more clothes until after baby comes, but I can’t wait to get my hands on those signature urban capris!

Why not give Katie K a try? Use code SAM15 for 15%off and free shipping!

Disclaimer: I received the apparel pictured for free as part of my ambassador contract. All opinions are my own.



My brakes failed yesterday as I was driving back to work in Burbank from West Hollywood. Luckily, I managed to steer the truck around the large delivery truck I was behind and parked safely on the side of Olive, across the street from Dimples in Burbank. I first called a tow company in Burbank who told me the wait would be 90 minutes. Still pretty shaken after nearly smashing into a truck, I declined, as I was parked in direct sun, was out of water and am currently 5 and a half months pregnant.

At 2:20pm, I called MG Towing after seeing that they had a high Yelp rating and offered a 10% off check in deal. When they answered, I asked how long it would be for a flat bed to get to me to tow a 4×4 truck. The dispatcher responded by saying he had a guy in the La Canada/Flintridge area and he could be to me in 20 minutes. Relieved at the prospect of getting picked up so quickly (I was honestly still expecting a 45-60 minute wait), I gratefully accepted and checked-in to receive the 10% off deal. The fact that I called them “professional” in that check-in now makes me sick to my stomach.

A young man named Simon showed up, and after commenting “isn’t this too much truck for you?” got everything loaded up. On the ride to my mechanic, Simon proceeded to explain to me how the main company he works for (Anna’s Towing) is part of a network of partners in area (Valencia, NoHo/Burbank/Hollywood, and Greater LA), and when you call one of them, the dispatcher looks at whoever is in range and has them answer the call. Meaning that if you call MG Towing, you’re not necessarily getting an MG Towing driver, and MG Towing will try to deny being connected to the driver at all – which seems pretty shady since MG Towing is still the one dispatching the call. Simon also mentioned that this often delays his paychecks because the hours have to be verified for each of the companies whose calls he answers – something I’ll make sure to mention when I talk to the BBB.

After making some more sexist comments about how he was surprised a woman knew how to navigate the streets in NoHo (I advised him how to go around the block so he could pull straight in) Simon, parked in the middle of the street in front of my mechanic, totaled up my bill, and before even giving the price, asked how I would be paying. I said that depended on the charge and proceeded to show him the 10% off Yelp deal that he then needed to verify with his supervisor. After figuring out what 10% off would be (I tried to explain that he could just multiply the total by .9, but that seemed to be too complex for him to understand), he showed me my final price: $332.56. Mileage charge $10/mile – totally normal. Towing charge – $295.00

I thought this seemed very high for a tow, but I was exhausted, overheated, hadn’t eaten in a few hours, and was mostly worried about being pregnant in a truck with a stranger with my truck hooked to the back, so I didn’t exactly feel empowered to argue with him about it. I think most women who have ridden in a vehicle with a male stranger can empathize with that feeling of vulnerability.

When my boyfriend (TJ S.) learned of the charge, he wrote a Yelp review to point out the ridiculously high charge; ironic, as on their Facebook page, MG Towing claims “MG Towing are offering all types of towing services, with a super high attention to safety and reasonable prices comparing to the market.” Poor grammar aside, $295 for an initial hook up fee is nowhere near a reasonable market price. Even for a 4X4 truck, the market average for hook-up is $100-$160.

This morning, we noticed a new Yelp review by a Tj S. S. with my boyfriend’s picture, apologizing for the negative review and not knowing how to take the negative post down.

MGTowing MGTowing2

My boyfriend called to confront the owner about it and he adamantly denied it. When my boyfriend asked why the charge was so high, the owner claimed I called and demanded service in 20 minutes (which I absolutely did not), and that it was rush hour. Rush hour? The driver received my information at 2:24PM and I was dropped off at the mechanic at 3:23PM. This is all on my service report.

The owner then offered to send us a check for $50 to take down the negative review. We refused. The fake review was taken down within the hour. Good thing screenshots exist.

If you’re on Yelp, please vote my review useful so they company can’t flag it and get it taken down. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please share this so no one else uses this company. I’m not even worried about the money at this point. I want this company to be held accountable for their disgusting business practices and make sure no one else gets taken advantage of.

#FuelYourBetter with Vega Sport Performance Protein

I love protein shakes. They were the hardest thing to cut out of my diet when I did Whole30 and even though I continue to try to focus on eating “real food,” I still probably rely on them more than I should.

I’ve tried many different protein blends over the years and I’ve gotten pretty picky with what I like both nutrition and taste-wise. For the most part, I’m open to blends (whey/soy/etc.) but try to keep the carbs, calories and sugar low, which usually means I go to chemical sweeteners.

My go-to lately has been EAS Lean because it’s cheap and meets all of my requirements even though the list of ingredients kind of freaks me out of it I look at it for too long.

EAS Lean

I used to have a protein shake every morning as quick breakfast whether I did a morning workout or not, but now I save them for what they were intended for: post-workout recovery. I’ve been training extra hard lately between the the upcoming triathlon and trying to lose weight for the web series in general, and it’s definitely taking a toll. My muscles seem to be taking extra long to recover and I just don’t have that kind of time.

Enter: Vega Sport Performance Protein a.k.a. what you need to Fuel Your Better.

Vega Sport Recovery Protein

I was semi-familiar with Vega mostly from seeing them in Whole Foods (and sitting next to their team at our lunch stop during Ragnar in April) but I’d never really looked into it too much. When I was vegan, I would have been all over their plant-based line of pre- and post- workout products. When I had the opportunity to review one of their products as a SweatPink ambassador, I was immediately intrigued by their recovery protein. The protein blend includes: pea protein, SaviSeed (sachi inchi), brown rice and alfalfa. Noticeably missing: soy. I have mixed feelings about soy and its effect on hormones, particularly in how it affects my bipolar mood shifts. As I said above, EAS does contain soy and I haven’t noticed any negative effects, but it’s still nice that Vega doesn’t rely on it.

Another great aspect of Vega is that they use stevia as their sweetener – no scary chemicals here. I will say, it does leave you with the expected stevia aftertaste, but if you’re someone that uses stevia on the reg, you probably won’t notice. I find that if you blend it with a little PB2, the taste is masked.

The best part: 26 grams of protein. Crazy, right?! It makes it SO MUCH EASIER to hit my daily protein goal with this stuff.

I’ve used it after a couple particularly hard workouts and I’m definitely noticing a difference in my recovery, especially compared to days where I forwent any kind of post-workout recovery at all and tried to wait until dinner. Not only did it speed physical recovery, but it helped with the mental aspect as well – something that can be attributed to their inclusion of Tryptophan to boost Seratonin levels

Legally Blonde Quote

So not only do you feel better after your workout, you’re more motivated to workout AGAIN when the time comes.

Overall, I recommend Vega Sport Performance Protein whether you’re a CrossFit athlete looking to recovery faster after heavy lifting, a hardcore runner training to PR your next race, or a newbie training for a triathlete like me.

While you can easily mix the power with water or your favorite milk, I like turning it into a true “shake” with a few extra ingredients. My go to recipe:

Just blend and enjoy!

What’s your favorite protein shake blend? How do you fuel your better?

Disclaimer: I received a free pack of Vega Sport Performance Protein in exchange for an honest review as part of the Fit Approach SweatPink Ambassador program. All opinions expressed are my own.