Life Lately

Apparently I haven’t done a Bumpdate in a month. Whoops.

I keep meaning to post… I’m an ambassador for an awesome new activewear line and I want to get a good post up for them – I’m just so dang exhausted all the time!

Planned my last big event at Fleet Feet last week; Diva Night went well and it was awesome to see Melissa from The Valentine RD.


After coaching Saturday morning, we drove down and spent the day at California Adventure and Disneyland. I rode what rides I could, ate TONS of food, and took plenty of pictures.

TJ even talked his way into a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants for dinner so we could get preferred seating for the World of Color show. The prix fix menu was really good and included a dessert PLATTER of delicious things. The merlot was heavenly as well.

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Ariel said we should consider “Ariel” and “Flounder” as baby names.



A man and his Mickey ice cream.


I look freaking HUGE in this pic. I swear it’s the angle! It was only taken two days after the first pic of me with Melissa!!!

Bumpdate – 28 Weeks

How far along?  28 Weeks – Officially 3rd trimester, yay!
Total weight gain: ~17lbs. Baby is now 2.5lbs of that and the size of a coconut (apparently).
Stretch marks?:  Nope

Maternity clothes: A couple new bras, but they aren’t maternity specific.

Baby Stuff: Hand me downs from a friend who’s a new mommy. Mostly gender neutral; a few sport things, but if it’s a girl, she’ll be introduced to sports just like a boy will.

Belly Button in or out?: In, but flat and super weird

Sleep: Not the best. Weird dreams and generally being uncomfortable.

Best moment this week: Disney date, getting a Kitchen Aid (from my grandparents), and gorgeous flowers and card (from TJ) for Mother’s Day

Worst moment this week: Hospital tour – super long and boring

Miss Anything? Acting, running for real

Movement: SO MUCH! Kicks and flops and break dancing like WHOA.

Food cravings: Ice cream, brie with prosciutto

Aversions: Meat.

Symptoms: SO fatigued, body aches, lower back pain, rib pain

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody

Workouts: I’ve been doing a ton of different stuff lately… boxing, kickboxing, crossfit, pilates, TRX, prenatal yoga, and walking with clients.

What I’m reading: Newton’s Football – loving it! Can’t wait for the fall.

Looking forward to: Baby showers, nesting

Taking it easy this weekend… it’s rainy here in SoCal. Gonna catch up with a friend for lunch on Saturday and then see another friend’s show Saturday night. Trying to get out of the house while we still can, but honestly I’d usually rather sleep.


Do or Do Not

…there is no try.

But there could be a TRI.

Bear with me here… I think I might be going a little crazy. Saw a post today on the SRLA Facebook page about a sprint triathlon at the Hansen Dam on August 17th. There’s a code to make registration a mere $65. No wetsuits required AND I can use my hybrid bike.


Truth be told, I can probably do the 11 mile bike, 5k run no problem. On paper, anyway. The 500 yard swim however… meh.

My main hesitation: it’s 5 weeks away. And I’ll be shooting and going on vacation during those 5 weeks.

Am I crazy? Can this be done? Anyone crazy enough to do it with me?


Cardio Barre – Studio City

I used to bike past Cardio Barre everyday when I was still working as a production coordinator on an independent doc. The large glass windows overlooking Riverside Drive give you a clear look into what always seemed to be a rather large group of good looking middle-aged women in yoga pants doing leg lifts at barres.

I was skeptical to say the least; but when I started my ClassPass adventure of trying different barre classes, I knew I had to give Cardio Barre a shot.

The Studio City location is the original studio Richard Giorla opened in 2001. It has a tiny parking lot (very difficult to navigate in the Bronco) with spotty street parking. The studio itself it the largest barre studio I’ve been in so far, with three long bars in the middle of the room, 3 walls of bars, and a side wall of cubbies/music area/etc.

I’ve taken the beginner class with Kevin Sateri twice now… and I freaking LOVE it. I had to go back after the first one before I posted about it just to make sure it wasn’t some kind of fluke.

From their website:

Cardio Barre is a unique, high energy/no impact exercise class that combines barre work and light weights with continual fat burning motion. Central to the workout are toning and resistance exercises for the butt, legs, torso and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body.

This is the first barre workout I’ve done where I truly feel reconnected to my dancer self. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first studio to be founded by an actual dancer/choreographer? There’s just something about hearing the french terms where my body falls back into the proper form; Kevin even complimented my technique after class and internally I BEAMED.

The hour-long workout does consist of some leg lifts (battements), but it combines balance, and poise with fluid repetitions and light weights. There’s an emphasis on elongation of the muscles, alignment of the spine, and most importantly – strength of the core. My one complaint would be that I could probably do all of the arm work with a heavier weight (we were instructed to grab 1lb weights – they probably go heavier in the advanced classes), but I do like that the majority of the arm work is combined with leg work at the same time, keeping with the idea of port de bras and constant motion (hence CARDIO barre).

The class moves quickly, Kevin keeps you smiling, and despite its ballet roots, the whole thing feels delightfully unpretentious. Plus, at $18/single class, it’s one of the cheaper barre class options around. While that’s still out of my price range, I’m half tempted to continue with ClassPass, if only to go to the studio 3/month.

If you love the idea of dancing to connect with your body while getting in a great workout, I definitely recommend checking this studio out – particularly class with Kevin since I can’t speak to the other instructors. I’m sure they’re lovely though.

I have 10 days and 3 ClassPass classes left… any recommendations? Do I NEED to try your favorite workout? Let me know!

Cardio Barre – Studio City
12530 Riverside Drive
Studio City, CA 91607
(818) 761-4525